Prompt Pledge Instructions

Firstly, thank you for your interest in this month’s Daily Writing Prompt Challenge. I am excited to see how many people are truly dedicated to their own personal growth this year!
Here are a few things to note and remember during our time online together:
  1. ALL WRITING PROMPTS WILL BE POSTED HERE, on the Writing Practitioners WordPress Site. OR Follow on WordPress for daily notifications.
  2. When you are ready to post your response to the Daily Writing Prompt, hit “REPLY” below the corresponding DWP. Also, please COPY and PASTE the prompt at the top of your response. (All first-time submissions require approval.)
  3. Feel free to write your response on your personal blog or online writing space and submit a link to your personal/professional page.
  4. Please PARTICIPATE, which means, comment on at least one other person’s submission.
  5. Remember to submit YOUR OWN WORK and respond to others’ work with an open mind. ALSO remember to UNDERSTAND that everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. If someone thinks your work sucks, that’s a shame, but it might be true. If someone thinks your work is amazing, that’s awesome, but it might not be true.
  6. And finally, have fun! This is a time to really feel free to experiment with, play through, and find courage in your work.
See you online.