DWP Pledge Contributors | 2019 January


For those of you contributing to the January Daily Prompt Pledge, your WordPress Username is the name that has been used to tally your participation. Please inform if you would rather be anonymous or use a different name.


Requirements for Daily Fulfillment

  1. Post ONE paragraph-long response to every DWP on the day posted
  2. Comment on ONE other writer’s writing
  3. For Add-On week, shoot for TWO daily sentence contributions


Check Yo Stats!

Here is a LINK to the Spreadsheet of Participation. Please check on your own stats. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that your contribution is being tallied correctly. Any errors that work toward your advantage, just ignore. Errors made to your disadvantage, have corrected. For the truly ethical, don’t let errors that make you look better than you are persist. Comment or Message me through Meetup if you would prefer not to be listed, or if you would rather go by a different Username.


Makeup Day

Thursday, January 24th

Please wait to be prompted to post your Makeup writings.

If you’re missing ONE DAY (no more than three will count toward your overall completion), use this day to post any missing writings. Unfortunately, makeup posts will simply add to your total. The only way to be a MONTHLY BADASS is to complete each prompt on the day that it is posted. But if you have a personal goal to complete each prompt, then this is your opportunity to catch up!