DWP No. 028

Objective You’re a Detective. You know nothing. But something happened. Ask FIFTEEN QUESTIONS regarding the prompt. If you’re really ambitious, answer FIVE QUESTIONS that other “Detectives” have asked.   Is everyone having fun?   p.s. to those of you who participate here … I will post February’s Meetup schedule at 10 AM today. there is […]

DWP No. 27

Objective Watch “Monophobia” by DEADMAU5 (optional as the genre may not be preferred by all) Respond to the following lyrics: Inside my head, there’s a little place left for you What do you know? What do you know? And all I want is to find out what you’re going through What do I know? Maybe […]

DWP No. 026

  Remember, there are no right answers. There are no better answers. There are no bad answers. There are only personal interpretations that you’re brave enough to share with the world. We’re all here for all of you. If you need some encouragement, ask. We’re beginning the last week of this thing! Also, the expected […]

DWP No. 023

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS FOR WEEK FOUR | DAYS ONE & TWO Instructions: Please use TWO days to complete 1,000 words of writing. Attempt to submit 500 words on Tuesday (No. 022) and 500 words on Wednesday (No. 023). You will have until midnight on Thursday to submit your work before the Comments Section […]

DWP No. 022

  PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS FOR WEEK FOUR | DAYS ONE & TWO   Firstly, thank you to all of you who participated in Writing Practitioners’ very first edition of ADD-ON [001.01.19]. I hope you found it fun and interesting, and I do apologize if this wasn’t really your thing. I enjoyed this writing […]