Key no. 108


Free Write

Allow the prompt to sink in and inspire you. Shoot for 200+ words. Stretch your imagination and aim for FICTION. Don’t forget to hold yourself accountable and drop it in the comments, then move along with your life.

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  1. But that particular quality was no longer exceptional, nor very interesting to the general public. Thousands of young migrants had appeared across the Western Peruvian coast of South America over the past decade, all seeking refuge or asylum from one of myriad human rights “issues” resulting from life on a floating dump (surprise, surprise), so more than anything, most people just wanted the likes of such an unsolvable problem to just go away. Unfortunately, because so many children from different heritages were born atop the slowly-migrating gyre in such a short amount of time, the mounting litany of statehood/citizenship concerns, combined with a shockingly high “population boom” on the trash patch itself, created a situation that nobody could see a solution to.

    The trash that aggregated over the gyre came from countries all around the world. The people that populated it were inextricably multi-ethnic, and dozens of nations around the world lay competing claim to the gyre on ethnic grounds. The gyre was so massive that it often spanned multiple time zones in its slow dance around the Pacific; it also straddled National and International Waters with no degree of guidance. Strange languages began to be whispered in Chilean beach villages, and rumor had it that innumerable tribes had sprouted up and were inhabited the trashscape– many of them so far apart from each other that they were essentially developing in isolation.

    Satellites relayed infrared imagery of shipping-port-like commerce occurring at various edges of the trash mass in the dead of night. The navies of frantic Western Nations scrambled to identify commercial-grade seaports along the rims of the gyre, but found only steel bollards and massive iron grommet-like holes embedded into various large structures jutting out from the cliffs of garbage. This all lead to the prevailing belief that pirates and unaffiliated mariners of various unsavory types had collectively devised a way to load and unload large cargo onto the trash patch with temporary heavy machinery that they either stowed on-board, or disassembled back into assuming piecemeal parts that they then scattered around among the rest of the trash in the proximity after use. Either way, human activity occurred atop the gyre en masse without any official Nation-state oversight, and the rest of the world was growing exceedingly uncomfortable.

    The girl, though, aroused new suspicions when she arrived at the US Naval Medical Research Unit Six in Lima. For, even stranger than her uncanny ability to navigate the complex, tangled hallways of the Classified research division of the base’s subterranean levels, was the fact that she was spotted approaching the US military facility on a small, trash-constructed “raft” via the Amazon River! Somehow, the raft (subsequently analyzed and found to, in fact, contain trash with similar characteristics to that of a section of the gyre trash-berg that was reportedly calved and shed into the ocean six months ago) was riding a body of water that flowed from the Andes Mountains into the Atlantic Ocean on the other side of the continent! Indeed, things were about to change.


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