Key no. 107


Free Write

Allow the prompt to sink in and inspire you. Shoot for 300+ words. Stretch your imagination and aim for FICTION. Don’t forget to hold yourself accountable and drop it in the comments, then move along with your life.


  1. Not Me

    “Uh, duh. There’s not a friend I know who doesn’t want to be tracked by their parents. There are killers out there; there are dangerous people with guns; there are immigrants and those who want to take over our country. They want to take America away from us, and so, yea, kids are scared. I’m scared. I don’t know what to do except to have my parents hover over me at all times, sometimes, getting shit done for me, and then, I feel safe, the world feels safe. But then, you know, like then your friend dies or gets shot or something, and nothing is really safe at all because, yea, everyone has guns. And yea, everyone, like my dad has a gone, and everyone has a gun. You HAVE to because everyone’s got one. And yea, like I said, people die. This is like real shit. They’re like coming after us. All of them, those people, you know, the immigrants, they’re going to come after us, so we need our guns. For protection. If I’m going to die, then they’re all definitely going to die with me. You know?”


  2. It was to the parent’s raw lack of awareness of the issue that the ultimate shock of the matter was due. Of course, the signs were evident all around them, but it takes a particular level of youth savvy, apparently, to notice the writing on the wall, that is, if it is written in a different language. But no matter! Whether or not they had been aware of the sheer scale of vulnerability they were exposing of themselves would not have likely provided any defense against such a massive Distributed Denial of Service attack anyway. After the kids found the information they were looking for, it wasn’t ever really a question of the legitimacy of burning down the bridges behind them- it was way too convenient to rationalize against, and nobody had any interest in playing the devil’s advocate.


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