Key no. 098


Free Write

Allow the prompt to sink in and inspire you. Shoot for 250+ words. Stretch your imagination and aim for FICTION. Don’t forget to hold yourself accountable and drop it in the comments, then move along with your life.


  1. It was a strange question, indeed. Of course, everyone in the group heard the rumble. Everyone in the city heard the rumble. It takes a considerably insecure person to ask such an obvious question, clearly in the hopes of soliciting a reassuring response from someone else, someone more temporally confident given the present disconcertment.

    Nonetheless, the question was posed, and now all the members of the group had to deal with the open, festering wound of uncertainty and dread that now befell them, and all this compounded by the fact they also now contained within their numbers a particular individual who required a high degree of psychological chaperoning, a condition likely to leave him ultimately abandoned and off to fend for himself so the group may avoid his incessant incompetence and baggage.

    Cruel, you say? Then you say so alone. Cruel would be endangering the entire group because one person’s incompetence poses an unnecessary threat.

    Unfair, to leave a man behind, you say? Hasn’t he had his entire life to cultivate his intelligence? He is an adult man; requiring any degree of parenting at this point in his life is a condition that should leave him considered intellectually stunted. There must be a point wherein an individual’s capabilities are sized up, measured, and evaluated for survival benefit. This is exactly the type of situation that so inarguably requires deciding factors that may seem cruel to the civilized sensibility. This is exactly the type of situation that requires unsympathetic reasoning; as such is the only reasoning Mother Nature recognizes.

    Yes, we all heard the rumble, and that is why now, you find yourself strapped to this chair, the rest of your independent life in front of you for you to do with as you please. Whether you intended such a result or not, the group cannot be placed in front of a decision wherein they must consider the emotional insecurities of certain individuals. I know it is of no reassurance to you to tell you not to worry, but don’t worry. The glue of your bonds will dissolve in 24 hours. You will not know which direction we have headed, and we will take painstaking precautions to ensure false trails are laid and our path is concealed from you from this point forward. If you still cannot understand why you have found yourself in this predicament, then that misunderstanding should be considered all the evidence you need to comprehend your newfound independence.

    Good luck. I believe that you will need it. I sincerely hope you do survive. Perhaps, you may even learn something along the way.


  2. “Of course I heard that rumble. If you hadn’t, I’d be very concerned about your health or what’s that, sixth sense of, you know, gravity.”
    “What the hell was that?”
    “I know as much as you do about the situation.”
    “Get on the computer.”
    “And do what?”
    “Google it.”
    “Google what?, ‘I felt a rumble in Seattle, Washington at eleven-oh-six this morning.’”
    “Goddammit man.”
    “What’s it say?”
    “Man, we gotta get outta here.”


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