Key no. 096


Free Write

Allow the prompt to sink in and inspire you. Shoot for 300+ words. Stretch your imagination and aim for FICTION. Don’t forget to hold yourself accountable and drop it in the comments, then move along with your life.


  1. Cutting off the flow of information, the vital circulatory function of the particular populace, was always a primary initiative. Unlike a noose, though, this particular method of increasing restriction was, by design, intended to sever at its terminus. Unlike a noose, whose success as a utility is dependent upon gravity exerting enough force on an object to constrict its respiratory function, the success of this plan will be marked by the distinct separation and labeling of the target demographic, then its subsequent vilification, followed closely by admonishment, ridicule, reprimand, and then punitive measures, usually exile or incarceration, though extra-judicial “solutions” are also known to occur with great reported frequency.

    It is all very simple. Once the target demographic is manipulated to feel as if their own privileged source of information has become compromised by the opposition, and now serves as a duplicitous puppet, they, themselves, will tear apart their own power structure, ripping the infrastructure of their own life raft to shreds. As is often the case, it is in the tireless pursuit of one’s own self-interest that one can wreak so much havoc and irreparable damage to one’s own well-being. That self-interest, then becomes “Self-interest”, and a much handier and more desirable weapon of internal destruction to one’s enemies. Why then, does it seem they are so heartily invested in creating so many enemies? Perhaps the question matters not; they are, after all, on their last legs… as it were…


  2. The obvious answer is a corset, but because the answer seems so obvious, that cannot be the answer, and so, I suppose that I guess that the answer is …
    She goes silent. In front of her stands another woman who looks quite similar to the other woman. The silent woman keeps speaking but no one can hear her. Her friend or acquaintance or company doesn’t seem to notice that she, the silent woman, has gone silent. At some point, the silent woman stops speaking, and the company begins speaking. She speaks audibly. The silent woman begins speaking again, silent.


  3. It must’ve been the chocolate brownies. Tighter and tighter and tighter. Then with a grunt and a groan finally after 2 gut- sucking minutes, she managed to get her heinie into a pair of Not My Daughter’s Jeans.


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