Key no. 093


Free Write

Allow the prompt to sink in and inspire you. Shoot for 175+ words. Stretch your imagination and aim for FICTION. Don’t forget to hold yourself accountable and drop it in the comments, then move along with your life.


  1. A curious occurrence, given that what came was, in fact, itself, nothing physical at all. Nonetheless, as soon as the thought washed over her, that sensational wave of epiphany that so often dramatically realigned the course of her life, the unmistakable odor of the blue beyond rubbing up against the shoreline wafted in and soured her face. It was a small price to pay, and she was, these days, becoming more and more used to it, which could only be good news, intellectually. And it was with such increased frequency that her fondness for the musty, salty, ocean breeze grew in kind.


  2. Sorry. Not a Winner

    It came accompanied by the stale stench of the ocean, a bit waterlogged but still legible. Selena eagerly ripped open the envelope, hoping against hope.

    And just as she suspected, she was not a winner after all in the Publishers’ Clearing House sweepstakes.

    Dang it, she thought, and I was so close to fame and fortune, my name on every billboard in town. Selena could nearly taste the wealth.

    With a heavy sigh, she returned to the Herculean task of cutting herself over and over and over again, gradually bringing feeling into her numbed orifice, and learning again how to smile.


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