Key no. 087


Free Write

Allow the prompt to sink in and inspire you. Shoot for 300+ words. Stretch your imagination and aim for FICTION. Don’t forget to hold yourself accountable and drop it in the comments, then move along with your life.


  1. Roll Call

    Only the color red was absent. Frankly, red was overrated. She thought she was so wonderful but she wasn’t the rest. To those of us who could blend easily, go With the flow close work well as a team, red was always red. She never changed. She was never into exploring her spiritual side, trying to make herself better. She was red, dmug stultifying and, well, red.

    None of us missed her, though in the big Crayola crayon scheme of things I suppose she was a necessary evil. She did her part Society and said she needed to be there for certain things like Red roses and red lips and silly things like a red hot fire or red hot coals or a red hot mama, the usual nonsense dictated by a society that had absolutely no imagination. I mean, who says that lips have to be red? I for one think chartreuse is the most gorgeous color in the world and perfect for lips.

    Or or how about forest green? That’s the green that always gets overlooked. There’s 144 of us in the super Duper big box you can get down at the Target Mega Store and the poor guy never ever gets picked when we get dumped out on the table. The poor guy tries so hard. It doesn’t make sense. He’s a heckuva nice guy too. You should see some of his woodworking. Absolutely amazing.

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  2. But it was all intentional, of course, even though some of the most delicious delicacies are red. For everything else in the room is some shade or other of crimson or burgundy or oxblood except for the white linens which underlie the elaborate culinary spread and shine brightly and isolated by the tall, cylindrical chandelier. All of this color segregation makes the large feast quite the spectacle indeed, but not without an undeniably faint whisper of something devious and carnal and forbidden, something unspeakable that fills the flesh of the body with blood and makes one feel flush and guilty when they enter the room and gaze upon the umptuous platters sprawled out on the table before them. Is it a trick of the mind? Of the optical illusion of feeling as if one is about to dine within a stomach, or a skull, or a womb? Is it a dream? Or a devious prank? These questions have no answers, of course, for they are often never even asked in full, lost and forgotten by a growing sensation. The absence of red in the food all but ensures that red remains the ultimate focus of the mind, and it is this simple process that makes this all so effective, don’t you think? Come, have a seat. It is all delicious, I assure you. You won’t even miss the red.

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  3. “Little ‘T’ Truth”

    “But red isn’t a color,” the kid in the front with the newly grown-in, oversized two front teeth points out. Looking fondly at the kid, the teacher asks, “What is it, then?” “It’s a state of being. It’s the way that someone would describe themselves when in a state of truth.” “Very good,” the teacher proclaims and then attempts to move on. “But why did you ask about it as if it were a color?” the kid pipes in. “What do you mean?”
    “You asked which color was missing.”
    “I asked which color was absent.”
    “Yea, then Pete raised his hand and answered that it was red.”
    “To which you replied …”
    “Red isn’t a color.”
    “But why did you ask about the color in the first place?”
    “I didn’t.”


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