Key no. 082

Free Write

Allow the prompt to sink in and inspire you. Shoot for 175+ words. Stretch your imagination and aim for FICTION. Don’t forget to hold yourself accountable and drop it in the comments, then move along with your life.


  1. On Dissing

    It ain’t no fun
    This moribund
    When life had really
    just begun

    He was so stunned
    To be so shunned
    By being-

    It was no fun,
    No chance to run
    And soak up sun-

    So kids no guns
    No rebel runs
    Or nasty puns
    Or you’ll be done-
    Or moribund.

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  2. The word, like all words of this nature that rattle around within my conscious mind for no perceivable reason, sprouted up from my unconscious and made itself known. “Moribund,” my narrator clearly stated with a little pop on the “b,” “bpbund.” I knew that it had something to do with mortality or the, what-have-you, morose.

    So I looked it up, via
    (of a person) at the point of death; (of a thing) in terminal decline; lacking vitality or vigor.

    “She was moribund,” my narrator attempted. “The moribund state of the company’s management, etc., etc.,” my narrator continued. And then the word came up again in Toni Morrison’s The Source of Self-Regard. And then again, here now.


  3. I have named it so for the simple reminder it poses, of course. And all who enter here would be wise to remember and hold sacred the importance of the idea, always keeping it at the fore of the mind, particularly in conversation. For it is the honesty generated from such behavior that so beneficially colors the discussions held in our conference rooms.
    Furthermore, it is precisely such discursive behaviour that generates the rare results we have become known to attain here at Moribund. However, privileged information permeates the entirety of the remaining facilities, so I must leave you off here, to do with what you’ve learned as you wish. Be careful, mind you. Accepting how we operate here, and entering into our shared agreement, will render the future of your conversations quite different, and a breach will open between who you will become and who you once were; much will be lost, so consider carefully your desires. Good luck!


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