DWP No. 078


Allow the prompts to sink in and inspire you. Shoot for somewhere around 100-250 words, and be sure to share those amazing words (in the comments section) with all of us here on Writing Practitioners.



  1. He smashed his lips together tightly and bit deep into his tongue to suffocate the scream that was trying to broil forth from within him; it was the best effort he could make with his hands restrained over his head. In front of him, her body, or, the shell of it that was left, was writhing limply on the floor, now just an afterthought following its being cast aside by the hideous, ungodly Thing that tore out of it from the inside and tossed it away like dirty laundry.

    “It has always been me, darling, so what really has changed after all?” the Thing calmly purred as it ambled grotesquely towards him, leaving a trail of reddish, sticky tar behind it.

    It still had her voice.

    “You must’ve known all along, of course. Didn’t you? Why bleed yourself over me, now?” the Thing continued as it drew close up into the reception zone of his exhalation. The red tar dripped from it’s chin down the front of his chest and pants, and he clenched every muscle in his body as he flexed helplessly against the restraints that bore him tightly to the crooked table. The acrid, stinging odor of the tarry red resin penetrated deep into his brain and cooked alive his thoughts and reasoning as they scrambled to make sense of it all.

    He clinched his eyes shut.

    “Don’t you recognize me, my love?”

    The whisper wafted in through the darkness behind his eyelids.

    “Have you forgotten everything we’ve been through?”

    Fully resolute in his belief that there would be value in, and no coming back from, whatever he were to see if he opened his eyes at that point, he un-tensed for the briefest of moments in the sanctity of his decision. Then a small stinging drop landed on his lips and burned a wet little stream down into the corner of his mouth, mixing with the metallic taste of blood already there.

    A thin tinge of crimson bled into the darkness behind his eyes as it’s final whisper sept into his fading mind, “You asked me to show you the truth.”

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  2. If you don’t, I will never forgive you. You promised me that you would lie to me every single day of our lives so that I could never know the truth, and now, now you want to tell me something? Well, let me tell you something. I never lied to you. Everything you know about yourself is the absofucking, capital-tee Truth!


  3. Maxims for Clean Living

    1. Liar, liar, your pants are on fire
    2. You lie=you cry.
    3. If you lie too much, you’ll tell the truth before the night is over.
    5. A lie is the purest thing on earth.
    6. Ask me no secrets but tell me all lies.
    7. Love and lies go together like nachos and Pepsi.
    8. How do I love the? Let me count the lies.
    9. Any lie you can tell, I can lie better.
    10. Sealed with a lie.

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