DWP No. 075


Allow the prompts to sink in and inspire you. Shoot for somewhere around 100-250 words, and be sure to share those amazing words (in the comments section) with all of us here on Writing Practitioners.



  1. I am skinny but I definitely definitely want to be fat. As they say, fat is where it’s at. I know that would make me the ideal partner-the curves the voluptuousness the fullness. the ideal woman. I know that’s what he’d want. I know he looks at me and thinks she is one emaciated little chicken bone.

    He calls me bony butt all the time. Not nice. I can’t help it that I’m built like a skinny guy and I have a training bra size tits. He says it’s a term of endearment but I know the score. I watch him watching these fat big mamas women sashaying down the street. I saw him looking at plus size women in the Sears catalog. When we go shopping at Macy’s and he supposedly in the men’s department while I’m in juniors, I know he likes to hang out in the real woman’s department where you get into sizes 22-24 and 3XX-and we’re not talking about being sexually perverted. He just likes them large.

    And me, well, I’m not large. On a good day I am a size 6 but more often it’s a size 4. Still he says he loves me for me every little hard edge of me. I don’t believe him.

    Last night I caught him dreaming, actually it was a nightmare, and he was screaming for
    I woke him I shook him what is it? what is it? I’m here. He was sweating and he said I dreamed you were fat. You were huge. You were probably telling me you were in the plus size like it was some kind of lifelong achievement. “ He stopped shaking and looked at me. “I love you for you. Don’t change a thing.”


  2. And that’s what she told herself because that was always what she told herself. No one had to believe anything about anything that she said, but she knew, that above all else, she would continually morph, evolve, change so that no one ever, could ever say that they knew her.


  3. I am actually much more intertwined into her thinking than I would’ve anticipated possible by now. So perhaps I was right, after all. And now that I’ve settled into my vantage point, out of her reach, I think I can find the patience to wait. It should be quite the spectacle, if you’ve the time to observe.


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