DWP No. 074

Happy Friday! Great work during Storytelling Week!

We will spend WEEK THREE with a bit of relaxing FREE WRITING.

Allow the prompts to sink in and inspire you. Shoot for somewhere around 100-250 words, and be sure to share those amazing words (in the comments section) with all of us here on Writing Practitioners.



  1. Gucci Grammy’s Famous Fried Squirrel

    Hi there, all my country friends. This here is Gucci Grammy and I’m about to tell you what about my favorite recipe for Fried Squirrel.

    One of my favorite meals of all times is Fried Squirrel. Those little gray-haired furry beasts with the insidious shaking really are quite a tasty appetizer. The hardest part, of course, is capturing them. My solution is to get a good Labrador Retriever, black preferred As there is the smarter of all the colors, and have them corner one of the little bastards.

    Once down, all you simply do is clunk them over the head with a brick until they’re out cold. Then invite some of your good old boys over for a squirrel- skinning party. Really- the skins are as tasty as the meat. Instead of a BLT you could take squirrel skin and use it. Works just as good.

    Now get out your hatchet and sharpen it good. I like to use the sharpeners they sell at Sharper Image or William Sonoma. They is really fine and the technology is excellent. Once you’ve got a nice edge to your blade-now don’t try it against your fingers, youngons, you get to chop up this baby in all kinds a ways. Some people like the heads boiled in a bone broth but that’s really not my thing. I can’t stand looking at the eyeballs. I really like the body that’s just breaded with some Panko crumbs and you can throw in some ground basil and if you want just a touch of Sriracha Hot Sauce. It’s so delicious.

    Anyhows ye dip them in a nice egg batter with a little milk so they’re totally covered and then you shake them into a bag of Panko crumbs. Regular bread seasoning is good too but I prefer the Panko cause I really like an international focused of the thing. Why are you doing all that you should have a big ole pot of oil on. I prefer extra-virgin olive oil if you can get it. Sometimes it’s hard in these parts to find something like that.

    Once that oil is nice and big and bubbly, yer grab some of those chopsticks you always take home from the Chinese restaurant, poke the body like a skewer, and stick it in the oil till it’s nice and brown and crispy. It usually takes me about five minutes depending on the quality of the oil to get it just right.

    Then you serve it up nice and shiny on a platter that’s covered with kale leaves and some good kombucha that you can have as a drink. What a feast!

    That’s all I have today. Y’all enjoy that meal and thanks for stopping by.

    Gucci Grammy


  2. “There’s no wrong way to do it,” the mother states flatly at the boy as he stands upon a small wooden step stool, trembling. “But,” the boy whimpers. “Here, just take this in your fingers, gently,” the mother instructs. The boy pinches the gooey, wet-batter-dipped slice of squid. “Careful,” the mother smiles. Brows furrowed, the boy concentrates with all his might. “Don’t drop it. Lower it slowly into the oil. Careful; let go once you think the squid won’t splash,” the mother continues. “Now?” the boy asks as the tip of the squid strip bubbles furiously. “A little more,” the mother decides. “No. I’m gonna burn!” the boy shouts as he yanks his hand out of the pot—squid strip in hand—and sprays the mother in the face with scalding hot oil. Luckily, the oil dribs graze only a bit of her brow, and upon realizing she is unscathed, the mother laughs and then scolds, “I told you to be careful. Give me that.”


  3. It’s the only way to remove the scent of dried blood. Actually, the blood crisps up nicely on the edges, giving a sort of crispy-fried-egg-trim crunch that pairs nicely with the thicker, more umptuous, melty center.


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