DWP NO. 072


You’re almost through this grueling Storytelling Week! Keep up the great work! 

Today’s Objective

Write 750 of the 1500 words of your story.

Happy Writing! Be sure to share what you have so far, in the comments section below 🙂


  1. Fatty

    Melissa was large, that’s for sure. In most health education books she would be considered obese. She had that smell that comes from rolls of fat piled the one on top of each other, slightly damp and slippery.

    It was a funky odor like damp sneakers, and when she waddled down the hall, you could practically touch the sweat flinging off her bulbous ankles.

    All the boys looked at her and snickered. Phil tried to grab her once for a kiss but just getting close to her mouth made him gag. She was like mushy broccoli left for a long time in the produce cooler. It was sad but that’s what happens when you eat Twinkies.

    Melissa grabbed her science textbook out of her locker. Today was the practice test in Earth Science. Mr. Bennington said he would put them with new partners. Melissa was hoping against hope she would be with James. He was nerdy but nice and very polite. Sadly he was also the brunt of many class jokes because of his foreign accent, foreign to these kids who were country bumpkins and couldn’t understand class. James came from Virginia and cold every adult sir and ma’am. Once in a while he’ll slip up and call the kids in the class sir and ma’am and everybody would hoot with laughter.

    James was not like the other boys. He was the oldest of four and his parents doted on him. His dad was an engineer and his mom was this nice southern lady whoAlways made you feel like you were 1 million bucks, like you were the most important person in the room. It wasn’t like that for Melissa. She was an only child. Who knows where her dad was-he split when she was seven. Her mom was a cocktail waitress and was always exhausted. She also couldn’t understand how Melissa struggled with her weight. She loved to call Melissa Chubby or Ugly of Darling Dumbo.

    At first it was cute but cute is okay when you’re four. It’s not you when you’re 14 and you’re growing these horrible round bouncing things on your chest, tits, boobs, big mamas or whatever you call them.

    Plus all these rolls of fat.True, Melissa did have a weakness for Twinkies and Doritos and Three Muskateer bars and chocolate shakesBut there was no reason to be picked done. Everybody had food favorites and those just happened to be hers.

    Mr. Bennington called the class to order. Crud! Much to Melissa’s horror she got stuck working with Jack. Jack the jock was the biggest asshole, if you’ll pardon the expression, of their entire class. He was cute, he had money, and had all the intelligence and class of a pumpkin. He loved looking up girls’ skirts and trying to pull down their pants and take a snatch at their underwear. He tried once with Melissa but she clunked him over the head with a book and that settled that. She might be fat but no one was going to mess with her.

    Mr. Bennington passed out the quizzes and set up the ground rules: they would work together but they were expected to have different answers for the written portion. At the end of the quiz everybody had to write down their part and what they did but it would be one grade for each partnership. Melissa did not want to work with this jerk. She didn’t want to have anything to do with him. She knew he would spew the conversation with filthy comments about her breasts, about the great sex he was having all the girls he was laying in their class, and how much his dad made.He also was proud of the fact that he smoked pot regularly. What a loser. Really this guy had no redeeming qualities.

    Mr. Bennington walked around the room answering student questions and denying requests for others to go to the restroom. This was a test, he admonished. Even if it’s just a practice test you don’t leave a test to go to the bathroom. That’s not how it’s done in college and you will not be doing this in my classroom.

    Melissa dived in. She loved science especially Earth science and found the whole subject fascinating. She squirmed in her seat trying to get comfortable. Yeah she had big hips but plenty of women had big hips. Her mother tried to reassure her that guys actually found girls with big asses attractive. But the seats at school were so uncomfortable. The metal parts dug into her hips and she had frequent black and blue marks all over the place.

    Jack proceeded to practice his farting with his hand under his armpit. Talented, Melissa thought to herself. Now that’s going to get you far. Then he started drawing pictures of tits on his paper. Mr Bennington walked over.

    “Why aren’t you 2 working together? Jack, what’s that that you’ve drawn?” as he quickly scuffed it out and wrote his name over it.

    “I’m just trying to come up with the answer and see if I know how to spell it correctly” Jack lied, pretending to write some science words.

    Mr. Bennington turned to Melissa. “How are you doing? Do you need any help?”

    Melissa was in love with Mr. Bennington. He was about 5 foot eight with medium brown hair and wore these beautiful manly shirts with cute cufflinks and his tie slightly loose around his neck. And on science lab days he would roll up his shirt sleeves and Melissa could see the gorgeous hair on his arms. But what she loved most of all about him was that he was gentle and kind. Best of all, he seemed to sense that she was an object of ridicule in his class. He did his best never to call on her and was quick to punish those who made nasty comments in his class.

    Melissa sighed. Perhaps he wasn’t married. Perhaps one day when she was in the 10th grade he’d ask her out. She could just picture their date.

    1015 words


  2. Part I

    The flailing body of THE MAILBOY topples into the two women repairing a DATABANK, denting the panels and spurting out a small spray of blue sparks that rains down over HAIYA as she is yanked through the OFFICE by an invisible force. Someone starts shouting from an adjacent conference room and other OFFICE WORKERS stream in to confront their own idea of fear and jab their fingers at the sky. Another bodiless scream rips everyone’s attention back to the central hallway where other OFFICE WORKERS are trying to restrain HAIYA and wrest back command from the invisible tentacle that drags her towards the vaulted window in the towering front lobby of the plaza.

    Haiya’s ASSISTANT wrestles himself into position in front of HAIYA as she is further dragged forwards down the main lobby staircase. For a moment, his hands and forearms helplessly straining against the fronts of her shoulders to slow her momentum, ASSISTANT locks eyes with HAIYA, and she looks back at him with deep gaping voids. Time stops.

    ASSISTANT looks around to find himself seated in the large, comfy OFFICE CHAIR at his desk by the EAST WINDOW of HAIYA’S OFFICE – the morning sunlight warmly spilling across his chest. HAIYA strolls into the office dressed in a sharp, dark grey, pinstriped power suit and deftly sipping from a black mug of coffee in mid-stride. HAIYA pauses in front of her own desk and turns to look at ASSISTANT. The confident, neutral expression of her face dips ever-so-slightly into the realm of remembrance. Blackness bleeds in from the edges, quickly suffocating his view and thrusting him backwards through a dark tunnel and back out into his frantic posture eye-to-eye with HAIYA as the formless lasso around her finally breaks her will to resist.

    A hot, searing line cuts across the edge of ASSISTANT’s left thumb and down along the side of his palm in contact with HAIYA’s shoulder. The threads of her suit begin to blacken and fray and ASSISTANT feels a rapid melting under the pressure of his hand as a burning pain rips up through his fingers and deep into the nerves of his forearm. Making eye-contact again, a faint, miniature pulse escapes the dark voids of HAIYA’s eyes and tips ASSISTANT slightly off balance, kicking him off to the side and veering the side of his face into HAIYA’s white-hot shoulder as it careens past. Toppling to the side and clutching at the black streak of singed flesh across his cheekbone, ASSISTANT squirms over to a nearby desk out of instinct to protect himself.

    By this time, just seconds later, the unstoppable momentum of HAIYA’s now-scalding body has shed itself of the last few OFFICE WORKERS trying in vain to assist what they had always believed was their strong, competent female superior. That she was, apparently, another form of being altogether, was too much to rationally or emotionally reconcile in the heart of the turmoil, so they proceed to spectate the other-wordly unfolding as if it were all happening to one of them – another human.

    Her expensive Hyna Gerelly pinstripe suit, charred to a crisp, proceeds to melt onto her body and cast hard shadowy patches throughout the sprawling marble lobby as intense radiation emanates from her flesh in all directions. HAIYA’s body jerks to a stop directly under the massive window over the entryway as OFFICE WORKERS cower in the shadowy corners of the room. Her feet and hands are pulled back loosely behind her puffed out chest as it gently tilts up towards the sky, the center of which holds a massive black opening, like the seams of the cloth of the atmosphere have burst open and exposed the empty nudity of the cosmos within. Slowly pulling her feet beneath her and rising up of her own strength, the last molten panels of fabric flicker off in a few licks of flame and the entire lobby bathes in a torrent of solar radiation.

    A burst of energy. A blast of pressure. An office building and its occupants left blackened, battered and confused. A sonic boom. HAIYA rips through blue sky towards the faint patch of cirrus cloud in the distance, peering back occasionally at the gaping black expanse that will continue to terrorize the pleasantly familiar corporate campus that will forever now remain a part of her past. Ahead of her in the cloudy distance, a small, grey cloud appears to split and multiply into a mirror-image of itself. Then the mirrored cloud detaches, drifts a bit, and erases itself from the rear end to the fore in a single smooth wipe. HAIYA adjusts course and makes her way into a trajectory that will cross paths with a trail that the little cloud would have made were it to have continued on its merry way at all.

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      1. Hey, thanks! It’s really just verbal vomit though. Sorry about the caps, they’re reference points for translating into script form.


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