DWP NO. 071


Today’s Objective

Use 250 words to describe a CHARACTER with only the THREE SENSES of Smell, Touch, and Taste.

Happy Writing! The comments section is for SHARING your writing with the group!


  1. “The Monitors: Dei (according to Ladybug)”

    “Well,” Ladybug begins, “if I’m being really honest, that’s one really ephed up question, man. Man? You are a man?” … “Okay, great. So, you know what I mean? Right? It’s weird to ask about how someone tastes. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I guess there are some people who are into that sorta shit, but I’m not one of them. I can tell you, though, that Dei, she always smells like something fresh coming out of the oven.” Ladybug moves in closer and looks around as if making sure no one can hear, “Rumor has it that Dei smells like everyone’s memory of their mother. Sad story, I suppose, if you never knew your mother. I mean, everyone has a mother, but maybe some don’t know who theirs are, and that’s alright. No harm. So, I suppose, if you don’t know what your mother smells like, then getting a whiff of Dei would, theoretically, as theoretical as rumors go, smell like your mother.” Satisfied, Ladybug sits back on its haunches and rids its hands of any responsibility.

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  2. Helena had that overly clean, sprung from the shower smell at all times. It was as if she rubbed a freshly opened bar of zest under her chin. It was strong. I couldn’t decide if she did it to throw us off from the other odors we might have detected on her skin.. or if she was ocd about her hygiene. Her most striking feature was her skin; it was otherworldly, like naked cherubs flesh. She was real too, all eyes and ears, with a swirl of dark chocolate blended in, egyptian, I think or somewhere exotic and middle Eastern. she had rich deep eyes that if you were to drink them
    from a teacup would taste of toasted hazelnuts and honey. what boy could resist her, and our job was to keep them far away. No
    Distractions -we were told. True she had an innocence and freshness that men wanted to drink up as if she were french milk from Provence just bottled that morning; she had not a freckle or outward perfection so of course before I really knew her deep down, I wanted to find reason to
    Dislike her, but that reason was not there.

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  3. Melinda was large, That’s for sure. in most health education book she would be considered obese. She had that smell that comes from rolls of fat piled the one on top of each other, slightly damp and slippery.

    It was a funky odor like damp sneakers and when she waddled down the hall, you could practically touch the sweat flinging off her bulbous ankles.

    All the boys looked at her and snickered. Phil tried to grab her once for a kiss but just getting close to her mouth made him gag. She was like mushy broccoli left you a long in the produce cooler. It was sad but that’s what happens when you eat Twinkies.

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  4. HAIYA

    She wears a coverage prosthetic that feels much like human flesh to the touch, albeit quite a bit hotter. The heat from her core runs so warm, in fact, that even the clothes she wears must be fashioned from a particularly heat resistant microfiber that it tempered repeatedly to defend against any particularly violent flares that she may emanate. When fully engaged and flaring heavily, Haiya becomes so hot as to be untouchable, burning any and everything in her near vicinity.

    When in the proximity of Haiya, one encounters an olfactory condition that is quite arresting, even in the absence of any strong odors. In fact, it is that distinct absence of smell, likely because so much of the airborne particulate matter has been vaporized by the radiation she emits in the higher order of frequencies, that so definitely defines her presence by smell. It is as if the air has been lightly toasted, like a pumpkin seed.

    The flavor of this toasted smell lingers only briefly after she’s left a room, but it does draw out in the those who experience it an interesting cascade of flavorful unfolding. Upon the settling of the toasted mouthful, the salivary glands erupt in anticipation. Haiya’s default behavior compounds this situation for the observer in that she is regularly in the process of consuming the new line of savory lollipops- with such flavors as “Thanksgiving Stuffing”, “Breakfast Sandwich”, and “Fried Rice”. Some have speculated, in retrospect, that this behavior of hers was deliberately manipulated in order to subvert her own apprehension and mislead any malicious tails that may have sprouted up from the fertile, untrusting soil of her adversaries. Even though this tactic was endlessly debated and defended against vigorously (and with incredible investment expenses drowned into the cause of defensive research!) the sensational urge to indulge one’s appetite as a consequence of crossing her path was a phenomenally effective countermeasure, to Haiya’s credit.

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