DWP NO. 070


Today’s Objective

Use 250 words to describe the SETTING with only the THREE SENSES of Smell, Touch, and Taste.

Happy Writing! And use the comments section to share with the group, your writing!


  1. The house was beautiful and yet revolting. There was a constant smell of dog urine and feces. Downstairs was the freezer with all of the latest frozen food. Coming down the basement steps you smelled dampness and refrigerator coolant, like months old ice or items with the smell of freezer burn.
    In the living room, the Good Furniture was draped in heavy plastic which had an unmistakable stickiness to it, where the dogs liked to sit cleaning their private parts when no one was looking.


  2. The airplane bumped down with no sort of pilot’s finesse, perhaps he could smell the same odiferous miss mash of funky odors in the cockpit too. Like a baby we were dropped and caught at last second in a jolt, plunked on the runway of Charles De Gaulle Airport. The engine revving all around stirred an intense level of anxious uncertainty. My mouth tasted of coffee and hummus and the coating on my teeth had me constantly rubbing my tongue as if that would freshen things up. My friend looked quizzically over at me and said “I saw a monkey flexing his upper lip once at the zoo, very similar.” “Stop,” I glared- I need gum.” she offered me three pieces. After the 6th hour on the plane it smelled of stale farts; we had now reached hour 11. I felt my face, pasty with stench and in my pocket mirror once glance convinced me, my skin now had a brownish hue. Maybe I was sensitive, but I was about to see Paris for the first time so I had resolved that sensitive feelings would have to stay in Aisle 21 of the plane along with the stench. Parisians would not tolerate much from my overtly American mannerisms as I would find out later. Too make matters worse, I was suddenly in a hurry now, cause my period unleashed a ferocious wrath of how womanly I truly was…just in case I got confused thinking I was a chimpanzee instead of a svelte young woman. I was about to swaddle the crotch of my favorite undies in the “lavatory” like a mummy, I would wrap the problem area…..a layer of paper towels that would work, my left seat mate let me know -there was no point-pointing at the back of my jeans shaking her crooked half smile, it was sorta of too late for that. I fished in my purse instead and found just the answer, I rolled on my travel sized citrusy-bamboo scented travel perfume-then held my head high, forcing a smile “the city of Romance is calling girls, how about we start with Moulon Rouge?”

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  3. “The Monitors: Big Red Barn (according to Ladybug)”

    “Well,” Ladybug begins, “it’s not so much that it looks like a barn than it smells like a barn. Or, I don’t really know. You’re maybe asking the wrong thing here. Right? Look at me. What do I know about telling or explaining it all to someone the likes of you. Why do you want to know anyway, all about that barn? Or, what was it, you called it The Barn? So what’s so fancy about the thing? What is peeking that fancy of yours so intensely, eh? Wait, wait, I’ll guess.” Ladybug sits back on its haunches. “Hey, eh. Who you talking to, yea?” … “What do you mean, what am I talking about? You. YOU. You over there narrating or something. Who you talking to?” … “I mean no offense. I understand that, uh, people, people gotta work.” … “I see. I don’t mind, and I definitely do not want any trouble. Not today.” Ladybug tucks back into a comfortable position, “Yea see. That. I’m not sure I’ll be getting used to that.”

    Ladybug takes a deep breath, “Where to begin. Where to begin. Let’s see. The Barn, as you call it, is just a barn. It’s big and red and smells like freshly cut hay. You can also feel the squishiness to the lush green grass as you make your way across the Listmaker’s lawn toward the barn. You’ll taste the fresh, carbonated dew of morning, the salty sunlight warmth of afternoon, and by night, your senses will be overwhelmed by the sweetness of something tasting like flossed sugar. Upon arriving in front of the two large, sliding barn doors, you will smell the decadent aroma of something heavily buttered being baked in an oven. On good days, you’ll taste it too. As the barn’s doors slide wide, the first thing you’ll feel is something akin to gelatin or jello or jelly slap you across the entirety of your front body. The jelly will swallow you as you make your way into the barn via this duct. Don’t worry. You won’t smell or taste anything. And I’ve heard that the jelly is quite soothing for some. Deathly terrifying to others, but people.” Taking another slow, deep breath, Ladybug sits down and has one final instruction, “You will get lost. Unless you are a Monitor, you will get lost. In the event that you are lost, try to stay calm and wait. Just wait.”

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  4. The VARIANT

    The pungent, metallicky smell of ozone emanates from everything and sticks in the nostrils like a gaseous tar, impossible to wipe away.

    The taste of bleach, also from the ozone, permeates the tongue and, after not too long, actually, it takes on a welcome sort of familiarity, often instilling a fond sense of longing in various members of the Scattered long after they’ve disembarked the VARIANT. The smell of certain household and industrial cleaning products can also bring about a restless yen and yearning to reunite with the VARIANT.

    The VARIANT is composed of countless loosely interlocked parts that all move and breath in rhythm along innumerable perfectly balanced engineering fault lines as they float through the air. The physical sensation of traversing the platforms and walkways of the VARIANT is akin to stepping along constantly shifting surfaces that ceaselessly reorient and balance themselves beneath one with the weight and pace of each step, ensuring that no additional effort to balance is required on the part of the traverser, even making it easier for some individuals, in fact.

    There is just enough give and response in the contact pressure against the floor and walls of the VARIANT to replicate the sense of pressing against a firm, but malleable, liquid.

    As the VARIANT coasts through the stratosphere, strong high-altitude currents often bob the airship from side to side like massive invisible waves. The VARIANT automatically compensates for axial movement with reactive aerodynamics that counteract inertia and “auto-correct” the course of the ship, giving the feeling as if someone is riding a surfboard or snowboard while something else is doing all the steering.

    Storms large and vicious enough to create tall plumes of ionized atmosphere that spew upwards into their lanes of passage can electrify the exterior of the VARIANT and cause serious physical harm to those ungrounded or incapable of handling strong surges of electricity organically.


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