DWP NO. 069

STORYTELLING WEEK | Day Three of Seven

Today’s Objective

Use 300 words to introduce one of your main characters.

Happy Writing!

And don’t forget to share what you’ve got with all of us below, in the comments section!

3 Responses

  1. marydianesanford


    Melissa, age 14, white, lives in a 2 parent home. She is an only child, with a nervous racist mother and placid easily dominated father who works in an office and frequently kowtows to his wife’s wishes. Melissa is active in choir and her church youth group where she frequently brags about her perfect pitch. She is selfish and super self absorbed. Her family is conflict adverse. Her mother gets easily flustered and specializes in guilt tripping. Dad is always jovial and adores the holidays. Melissa is proud to be an Original American as she describes herself. She is especially thrilled to find out that her great great grandfather was a founding member of NJ’s first fire department. She talks incessantly somewhat of a bore.


  2. Haiya (Nemesis) – one of the Select

    Haiya lives among the people of Earth in a near-complete concealment of her true self. The entire surface of her flesh, particularly those parts which are revealed to the open air (read: triple lined), are completely lined with a thin (but extremely resilient and opaque) prosthetic skin. This prosthesis absorbs and diffuses the stellar emanation that emits from her body at all times. A similar substance is applied (from an aerosol-type delivery system and thoroughly scrubbed in) to the hair for the same effect. Custom made contact lenses also cap Haiya’s retinas to shield unknowing people around her from spontaneous ocular flares from her vision. In total, it is an incredibly effective and one-of-a-kind disguise that allows her the ability to co-mingle with, and even engage cooperatively with, the people of Earth.

    Like other stars, Haiya’s body is acutely susceptible to physical stimulation and strong perturbations, even in the adjacent airspace a few centimeters around her in every direction, can agitate her inner body into irregular patterns of fusion with intense bursts of radiation arcing out around her. To manage this volatility, Haiya has perfected the smooth movement of her personal space through the world. She never makes direct contact with anyone, even by accident, and she has deftly implanted herself into an engaging role as a Key Authority at a bustling server center in the heart of the Root District. All of her colleagues recognize and whisper quietly to each other in slightly-jealous awe of the dance between her elegant sophistication and the intimidating, ineffable aura of her hibernating power.

    When the RIPs start appearing, Haiya begins losing some control of her ability to suppress flares. The large RIP over the Root District sends Haiya into a frightening convulsion in the middle of her crowded office. Later, Haiya stumbles out of the office, now partially destroyed, the only apparent survivor of a violent internal tantrum.

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