DWP NO. 068


Today’s Objective

Use 500 words to develop the place or setting of your story.

Remember, there are no right answers, there is no right way to tell your story. Just write.

Happy Writing! And SHARE what you’ve written below, in the comments section 🙂

3 Responses

  1. marydianesanford

    The setting is the outskirts of suburbia. It’s the 1970s. The area is booming with jobs, housing, and shopping malls. It’s early spring and the crocuses are starting to come up.



    Innumerable worker bee people mill about in the expansive, chic, open floor plan office, bustling and busying themselves with various types of server-shepherding administrative work in a quite efficient interlocking of human and electronic clerical machinery. Sunlight cascades through the floor to ceiling windows and calms the hustle of the workday.

    (HAIYA veers into the conference room with a stack of hard drives in each arm just as- ) A dark RIP splits open in the cloudless clear sky above, a few miles up as seen from the office window.

    The business park consists of countless other similar office buildings on eco-conscious campuses all sprawling across the rolling coastal hills in an orgy of tech-heavy Millennial idealism. When the RIP tears open in the sky above, dozens of other miniature RIPs appear likewise in and around the business park.

    [The RIPs]

    A RIP is a tear in the fabric of space-time. RIPs appear suddenly and without prior warning, usually in clusters. If one were theoretically able to ascertain the precise geolocation, altitude and time of day of a particular appearance of a RIP (note: this is impossible to predetermine), they would see a portion of the space in front of them stretch and distort in a unique way, as if the space itself was printed on a cloth surface and that surface was enduring a sudden and sharp slicing pressure from behind. As a usual result of this powerful motion, the space subjected to this pressure splits open and subjects its surroundings to a small eruption of otherworldly cosmic material from within the RIP’s rift-space.

    Over time, each cluster of RIPs adopts a uniform cadence of “breath”. Cosmic matter flows out into the world, then ebbs back into the RIP, like the gentle motion of the tides, sometimes taking with it material from this world that gets caught up in the cycle.

    RIPs were originally thought to only appear about once a century, but their frequency has been increasing over the past five years to its current rate of about once a week somewhere in the world, and it has been faithfully nurturing a growing sense of dread and helplessness in the global population.


    A large, high-altitude dirigible with a flawless mirror finish coasts through the stratosphere with a custom fitted propulsion system that utilizes the surrounding ozone in the air. The “basket” of the VARIANT is immense and contains complex architecture and many rooms with items and technology of inexplicable purpose.

    On one end of the basket is a large auditorium with a sweeping panoramic view of the cloud-carpeted sky beneath them. Various individuals, some with remarkably unique markings on their bodies and faces, enter the auditorium and make themselves comfortable as they arrive at the VARIANT on their widely varied modes of transportation, all of which are “parked” in their own way on a large sort of “tray” that extends out from one side of the VARIANT’s undercarriage.

    Off in the distance, tall plumes of thick black clouds mushroom up and begin to form miniature blemishes on the otherwise pristine, white ground of cloud.

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