DWP NO. 067


Over the course of Week Two, we will delve into writing exercises that will hopefully help you to render a 1500-word piece of writing with which you are free to do whatever you wish. Your story may be as long or as short as you would like, and it may be in whatever genre you prefer, but try your best to stick with the program, and the 1500 words ought to be quite easy, in the end.

Today’s Objective

Use 100 words or fewer to state the general idea of the story on which you would like to work.


Also, a BIG CONGRATS to those of you who have successfully completed Week One! You did so great. I had a blast reading your writings 🙂

Happy Writing! See you online!

And don’t forget to share what you’ve got with all of us below, in the comments section!


  1. The emergence of a globally-visible extraordinary phenomenon stirs up forgotten memories in the broadly dispersed individual members of the Scattered. Each one, of their own accord, untethers themself from their now-irrelevant life circumstances and gravitates to the Kernel to confer and address the phenomenon and how to reconcile their collective (and individual) place(s) in the future.

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  2. The Monitors are a set of Bromides who monitor the passing of day to night, night to day. Existing roughly within the Listmaker’s Ranch, each of the Monitors is assigned a transition. Dei oversees the transition of night into day, while Jei oversees the transition of day into night. On the Listmaker’s Ranch, the light of day is controlled by the Bulb that hangs overhead; literally, a large incandescent light bulb hangs straight down from above the center of the Ranch. A chain exits the fixture, dangles loosely around the bulb itself and lowers through the sky down toward the right of the Listmaker’s house in through the roof of the barn where the Monitors exist.

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  3. Possible Story/ Novel idea

    A story about family, redemption, fitting in, or not fitting in. A story about forgiveness. A story about healing. A story involving humility. A children’s novel or a Young Adult novel set in modern times.


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