DWP No. 066



For WEEK ONE, let’s warm up with a few guided, Genre Prompts. When responding / writing with the day’s prompt in mind, also attempt to embody the SPECIFIED GENRE at the bottom corner of each day’s prompt.

Happy Writing!

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  1. She laughed as the teacher piled on vocabulary word after vocabulary word, insisting she not only pronounce the words but use them in sentences with possessive adverbial clauses and relative pronouns, hoping to frighten Eloise, her foreign-exchange student, into submission.

    The student was prepared. She had gotten the premium subscription to Grammarly. She had it as an app on her phone and on her computer. She had a secret helper in her Chinese Wechat embedded in her ear. She was ready for the challenge. Moreover, she had the inside scoop on the Turnitin anti plagiarism app so even if the teacher even tried to accuse her of plagiarism, if she even suggested it, she was prepared.

    She chortled with delight as the teacher fired vocabulary at her like an AK-47 plastering the halls of a bowling alley, the multisyllabic vocabulary ricocheting off the walls like some deranged interior design.

    The teacher sighed. This one was not going to go down easily. It was going to take more than just her usual ammunition. She grabbed a thesaurus, frantically trying to come up with words beyond her limited 11th grade vocabulary. Her tenure was riding on this. Her reputation as the hardest teacher at this school could be obliterated just because of this fastidiously furious foreigner with her fatalistic finesse.

    But for Eloise it was a no-brainer. She planned her next move with the genius of a chess player, the exactitude of a barn cat, torturing its prey.


  2. “She Laughs”

    Running at a full sprint, she rounds the corner toward which she has been running for one full minute. Quickly, she shuffles to a stop and presses her back as close against the brick wall as she can. The hydraulic puff of air. She holds her breath. If she stands completely still, the Chaser will forget that he was chasing her and, hopefully, move on to find another Target. A small sniff of air. She closes her eyes but not tightly. The hydraulic release of air. She waits to find out if she can hear anything other than the sounds of her bodily self. Looking up at the rooftop corner of the building across the street from where she stands, she waves up at the camera looking down and gives a strong high five. And then, she laughed.


  3. It was the worst possible scenario: She was tickled. A little giggle here or there was to be expected, even welcomed at times for the fortuitous effects it had on the local agriculture, but a full-blown laughter was extremely rare- so rare, in fact, that the last recorded incidence of laughter marked the dawn of the current age, and the decimation of every global civilization prior.

    Jinx snapped her eyes open in the deepest crevice of the night, the bellowing throbs of her majesty’s laughter rattling her into consciousness. Even passing through the molten iron core itself, her mighty stellar emanations shot strong and true into the hearts of all living things in the quiet of the night on the other side of the planet. The waves of her laughter rippled across the cosmic expanse and down through the atmosphere, electrifying the auroral night sky and fragmenting it to shreds with yellow and orange lightning tendrils.

    As she scrambled down the stairs and out into the rear courtyard, shuddering with each thunderous, sky-shattering breath, Jinx beelined towards the cellar doors at the rear of the lot under a canopy of flailing electrical snakes and far-away, surely-doomed jetliners barreling through the lower stratosphere in balls of flame. Unlike the rest of those fools, Jinx was prepared.


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