DWP No. 065



For WEEK ONE, let’s warm up with a few guided, Genre Prompts. When responding / writing with the day’s prompt in mind, also attempt to embody the SPECIFIED GENRE at the bottom corner of each day’s prompt.

Happy Writing!

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  1. Around the next corner was my mother, the scariest nastiest regrettable excuse, a so-called maternal figure, religious in her malice but so completely unreligious. She had high hopes to destroy me, to suffocate me with her hatred and utter disgust. Got some mighty fine news for you, Fatso.

    Surprise surprise.

    It didn’t work.


  2. The endless, elegant curvature of the starship often arrests me so much so that I can’t apply myself to any other task until someone else steps in and interrupts my trance. Just thinking about it… reminds me of the geometry of my former quarters… I used to step out of my front door onto the elevated causeway and gaze down towards the stern where the broad section of my residential bloc receded up and around a bend into a swirling, quartzy darkness, as if some cosmic deity had swept up a galactic french curve and carved it through a block of black marble like it was butter. All of the lines inside the ship seem to converge at points somewhere in infinity, beyond any corners or edges. I can’t imagine the effect this cornerless-ness must have on myself and all the other travelers. Without corners to separate us from that which lies beyond them, our ideological breeding ground has been underlaid with a sense of innocent fearlessness, a sense of perpetually headlong-ed inevitability. Everything became possible for us to conceive of once we lost the connection between the “knowledge of the NEW” and its position in the future – around the next corner. If this all doesn’t make sense to you, that makes two of us. I’m simply relaying what has been spoonfed to me at my umpteenth request. Perhaps, just perhaps, when we reach our destination, another explanation will be given- but only, perhaps.

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  3. “A Circle’s Corner”

    “You said that last time, but what you fail to understand is that we’re in a large sphere.” Ladybug looks at the lorikeet, “What did you just say to me?” “Do you want me to repeat what I just said?” the lorikeet asks, filling with concern. “Yes,” Ladybug demands. The lorikeet looks about itself a bit, “Well, I said that you said that last time, but we’re in a sphere.” “No, the other stuff,” Ladybug groans with a get-on-with-it gesture. The lorikeet lowers its beak and sighs, “I said that you fail to understand … “ “Yep, that’s it.” “I didn’t mean to …” “But you did,” Ladybug smirks. Content, the two continue fluttering around.

    “Yea, there it is. That corner right there,” Ladybug points. Around again they swoop by as the corner disappears. “What in all hell?” Ladybug whispers. “I think you’re right there, Birdie.” Knowing better, the lorikeet remains silent. “So, you know what to do in this instance?” Ladybug asks. The lorikeet perks up a bit at the thought of being needed, “Yea, but you’re not going to like it.” “Just. C’mon,” Ladybug groans. “Well, the light’s off,” the lorikeet explains. “What? How?” Ladybug shouts. They come to a rest on a small tile ledge floating a little lower than their flying altitude. “The Monitors,” the lorikeet states solemnly. “Shit,” Ladybug sighs.

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