DWP No. 063



For WEEK ONE, let’s warm up with a few guided, Genre Prompts. When responding / writing with the day’s prompt in mind, also attempt to embody the SPECIFIED GENRE at the bottom corner of each day’s prompt.

Happy Writing!

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  1. Alas self-help

    Is this you? Alas, it’s really tragic, really pathetic, the way your life has gone. Your score on the kindness and compassion test is quite abysmal. It seems apparent you’ve had some traumatic experiences in your life coupled with early abuse that has made things very very humiliating for you. And my heart goes out to you. It isn’t easy being kind compassionate and loving. These are qualities we really don’t want in each other. Sadly, it appears you have this malaise in abundance. Frankly I’ve never seen a case this bad. Your willingness to let other drivers go first in a four way intersection quite frankly astounds me and your desire to help people, those of the short stature, to reach products placed high on supermarket shelves is nothing short of miraculous. But what truly concerns me is your complete unwillingness to engage in political repartee. Kindness and compassion are not qualities you should be proud of. There are institutions for people like you. I suggest you get help beyond the confines of this book. You need it.

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  2. Alas the universe has spoken, I was waiting for you to find the podcast. Nicely done it’s hard in your weekend state to be sharp, directed or disciplined. Congrats you can now enter into a more respectable existence. I hope you are feeling the moment on your flesh, in each hair on your arm, in your amygdala and down to the tips of that crooked pinky of yours and that oversized big toe. Do you have goosebumps? Is your belly warm and accepting- is your heart relieved and less burdened? You should feel a rosy glow coming off of you and all around you. It may take a while, it’s different for everyone. I mean with all these years of avoiding the mirror it’s time to look straight at it, your truth is pouring out of you like a sieve. Yes that is okay, you will see with new eyes and feel the breeze. I mean after all you felt nothing for so long. All the hurt is supposed to be there, there are no lucky people, it’s okay that you are different-this is how it has to be. It is time to cut the crap though. No one is buying what you are selling, but you. I hope you pause a minute and invite these feelings in, not with judgment but with gentle curiosity. They are valid and yes they suck. You should feel defeated or at least queasy, That is par for the course with a real epiphany. You are indeed one of us. One cannot keep up this facade. I mean charades are fun for a while but we all must have a come to jesus/buddha or wake the fuck up moment and feel the cold. call our the neglect or that hole. Cause baby, I life ain’t supposed to get that hot. Yes, It’s is your moment; so glad we found each other. All that recklessness, it’s slowly killing you and you are not supposed to die now. Put down the fucking drink and get to know yourself, the real version, Your name here______ meet Your name here________


  3. “No.”

    Alas, the only thing that you need to know is that there’s nothing that can ever BE known, which means that to know anything at all is to know nothing, so to seek knowing is to seek nothing, in the end, and that ultimately leads to the inevitable end of knowing nothing about how to know about what to know and how to know about what to know about what to know; until, you can finally see that to ask such a question about what one ought to know reveals you to be someone who truly does not understand that to even ask is to especially NOT know that one, absolutely, cannot ask about that which one does not know.

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  4. How to Navigate in the Shadows
    Or: the art of betraying a friend

    Alas, it all begins with alas.

    A – Allay suspicions
    L – Light the fuse
    A – Anarchy reigns
    S – Silence

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