1. Everyday I Wake, first thinking, I did it-another day, and FUCK LUPUS, and middle age kicks ass. My blood runs less sluggish than most; I pop out of bed pretty much awake, like a kid really; I open and closed the hands, lay a minute because, I never used to, and I arrive daily at thinking, it’s ticking it’s pumping and let it not be another day before I finish writing my goddamn book-tentatively titled Queenie and Rosco. Yeah’ it’s a dumb name but I keep getting weird foreshadowing that says it sticks. It’s poised to be a young adult book, but I am pretty offensive and I may need to rethink that. I stagger, soberly but tipsy and hunched towards the kitchen, my son says I have elephant feet. I arrive in seconds, cause the house is small and the window in the kitchen speaks like the god I have yet to meet, like light beams it filters in and I feel lucky. I need this. I think -just I as do everyday, “maybe he likes to make me french press?” My husband Jon that is I mean he has made me coffee for 20 years, 20 years as of Wednesday; he must not think less of me cause I grind the beans and stir and press only about 20 percent of the time, yeah I think…..he likes to make my coffee. And I kinda like to pretend I am just here to be waited on and write bestsellers, cause what is life anyway without a little fun pretending?

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    1. Hi Lisa! Welcome! I’m so happy you’ve joined us this month. Thanks so much for taking the plunge!

      Just a quick fyi, each day the prompts are posted as individual posts. You can easily Reply to the day’s prompt to submit your writings. It’s no problem today. You can leave this one here, but in the future, it will be easier if you reply to each prompt on each day’s post. For example, here’s today’s post https://bit.ly/2Td87xT

      See you online 🙂

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