DWP No. 059


This is the Last Prompt for the month of February! Respond or be inspired by the prompts each of these last three days, and write as much or as little as you like.

I hope you had fun this month! As always, suggestions/feedback/complaints are always welcome. Hit the “Electronically Mail TK Camas” link in the menu/widgets to let me know how you feel about February or about what you want to see in March.

See you online!



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  1. You never try to find that which you would rather not see. You only want to see what you’re looking for. You complain that I’m imagining things but I think you are as well. This negativity has got to stop! A double negative equals a positive. So what are you saying here? Since when are you in charge of the universe? You claim I am/ was imagining things this month But you, my dear, are completely delusional.

    I suggest you knock off the double negatives, go for a walk in the nearest park – it’s sunny out, and start developing wholesome hobbies like committing or pulling the lint off your black cashmere sweater.

    You can do it. I have faith in you.



  2. “But it has the, you know, f-word on it,” the mother sternly states, with deep concern. “Yea, she knows,” the partner responds. “But, why?” the mother asks. “Cause she wanted to make it,” the partner explains. “What’s so bad about it anyway?” the partner asks. “It’s just that I think that that’s the most vulgar word,” the mother smugly admits. “It’s powerful.” “It’s not powerful. How is it powerful? I won’t use the word,” the mother smacks. “Yea, see. That word has so much power over you,” the partner attempts.


  3. …and it is by this very token that we find ourselves embroiled in this here predicament. For with an increased level of BELIEF there comes a certain incredible level of CERTAINTY. Certainty is remarkable in its ability to asphyxiate the sprouts of yearning and eradicate any potential avenues of education that might stumble upon those things which are inadmissible and unacceptable to (insert religious belief system.) With such an ingenious, closed-loop feedback system, it is no wonder that systems of belief are so successful at indoctrinating such large swaths of their membership into becoming obedient soldiers of myopic vision! If one can be trained to believe that everything they may want or need can be completely accounted for in the perfectly constructed system of beliefs in (insert religious book here), then they will never need to waste their life seeking out ANY kind of knowledge. It’s perfect! I mean, can you imagine a shepherd trying to shepherd around a herd of other shepherds?! It could never work. Of course they must be sheep!

    So I will repeat myself one last time. You say that you have trouble, and trauma, and emotional pain from the torrent of the NEW whose flow you cannot stop. Do not fear! Allow yourself to submit to (insert belief system). There is no reason to reinvent the wheel, (insert belief system) has already done that for you, and they want you to have it for free! Just let go of all the questions you have, you needn’t seek their answers. Everything you need will be provided for you, and you are hereby relinquished of the responsibility of thinking or answering questions for yourself, or, if you faithfully adhere to the code of (insert belief system), you don’t even need to take responsibility for actions you’ve taken in the past! You have pain because you are searching for answers. Stop searching. Come with us. (Insert belief system) is the only way you can truly be saved and freed from the torment of not knowing, of needing to know. It is freedom from knowledge itself.


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