DWP No. 058


Alright, let’s finish off this month strong! Respond or be inspired by the prompts each of these last three days, and write as much or as little as you like.

Happy Writing!



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  1. “On Living”

    Sometimes you can’t get enough of it; sometimes it can’t get enough of you.
    Sometimes it hurts like hell; sometimes you know the pleasure will kill you.
    Sometimes you lie to preserve the truth; sometimes you tell the truth to preserve a lie.
    Sometimes you hope the end never comes; sometimes all you want is for it all to end.
    Sometimes you force yourself to believe that everything will be okay; sometimes okay abandons you.
    Sometimes you find yourself in the arms of love; sometimes you find yourself in the grip of hate.
    Sometimes you know what the right thing is to do; sometimes you do the right thing.
    Sometimes no one else matters more to you than you; sometimes you matter to no one.
    Sometimes you get to decide what makes you happy; sometimes happiness decides.
    Sometimes you’ll have control over your decisions; sometimes your decisions will control you.
    Sometimes the right thing is to do nothing; sometimes nothing is the right thing.
    Sometimes the end justifies the means; sometimes the mean justifies an end.
    Sometimes I feel like me; sometimes I feel like you.
    Sometimes the road leads nowhere, but most often times, nowhere leads to the truth inside you except you.


  2. Welcome to On Living, the third generation augmented reality neuro-upgrade from Rootware! You have just activated your personalized neuro-upgrade for the first time, Congratulations! As the software is re-coding your protocols and neural archives for optimized use with your new system, let’s go over some of the basics of your new display.

    Open your eyes now.

    Hello! Don’t worry, your vision will clarify in a few moments. Just remain seated while you are still calibrating. Do you see the little blinking green light up in the corner? That’s me. This light indicates when I am working for you behind the scenes to expand your field of view. As long as you can see it blinking, that’s a good thing.

    At the top of your screen you are about to see a green bar. Do you see it? Good. This bar holds different tools for you to use to filter and manipulate what you see and interact with. You can select them by focusing on them. Try it now with the burning star icon in the middle.

    Excellent! You’ve selected the light controls. This dropdown menu allows you to filter out different light spectra and intensities. You will receive a reminder to activate the Nightowl tutorial at 23:00 tonight. Now focus out back into your field of view.

    Good. Remember to download and customize from over 5 million different functions on this overhead toolbar later.

    We’re almost ready and it seems like you already have the hang of this! If you would like to activate the basic AR tutorial, select the green icon now.

    You’ve opted to skip the tutorial. If you change your mind, you can access it again from your new neural archive – find the entry key on the bottom right panel of your HUD.

    Your interface should now be populating content from the world around you. Do you see anything? Great! Remember, Rootware bADyguard will always run to defend you from invasive ads, but adware is always evolving and can never be eradicated completely. Never interact with content you don’t trust.

    Okay, your neural archives are re-coded and backed up in your new personal cloud, and all your new protocols are embedded and running smoothly. You can stand up now.

    Great! Don’t be shy if you have any other questions, just focus on the little light in the corner and I’ll be right with you to help you with any On Living service you might need.

    Thank you for purchasing Rootware. Never stop Living On!



  3. See my post in #57. Somehow it wound up there.

    On Living

    Don’t take yourself too seriously. Take yourself seriously. Trust in the spiritual and not the material. Trust your intuition. Don’t confuse intuition with fear. Believe in one Supreme Being who loves you no matter what. God does not play favorites. Expect good. Live in the now- and reel in your head that’s moved to a new neighborhood. Love more even if they are acting like stinkers. Look for the good and embrace it. Love yourself even when you are acting like a stinker. Cherish the puppies, the big ones and small ones. Try to do some good each and every day even if you get kicked in the teeth. Love. Be firm with yourself at times and at other times spoil yourself like crazy. Don’t pretend for a single moment that you have the answers because you don’t. Don’t profess for a single second that you have the answers for somebody else because you don’t. Say please and thank you and mean it. Be kind to one another. Listen. Be humble.
    Expect good. God is all there is and you are your Father-Mother God’s complete reflection, their likeness, now, always, and forever. Amen.


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