DWP No. 057


Alright, let’s finish off this month strong! Respond or be inspired by the prompts each of these last three days, and write as much or as little as you like.

Happy Writing!



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The March Prompt Pledge begins right away on MARCH 1ST!





  1. Two Truths, One Lie

    If I overexpose myself, I will turn to pure light. If someone else overexposes me, I will turn to pure light. If someone inadvertently overexposes me, I will turn to pure light.


  2. 1. Last night I dreamt that I was standing over a body, my hands dripping with blood, entirely unsure of whether or not I had just killed a man.

    2. A car accident from when I was young has left me with a constant ringing in my left ear that grows in intensity when the temperature drops below freezing, usually.

    3. I interact with myself, in my own head, with a moniker that I have never written down anywhere, or said out loud to anyone.


  3. On Living

    Don’t take yourself too seriously. Take yourself seriously. Trust in the spiritual and not the material. Trust your intuition. Don’t confuse intuition with fear. Believe in one Supreme Being who loves you no matter what. God does not play favorites. Expect good. Live in the now- and reel in your head that’s moved to a new neighborhood. Love more even if they are acting like stinkers. Look for the good and embrace it. Love yourself even when you are acting like a stinker. Cherish the puppies, the big ones and small ones. Try to do some good each and every day even if you get kicked in the teeth. Love. Be firm with yourself at times and at other times spoil yourself like crazy. Don’t pretend for a single moment that you have the answers because you don’t. Don’t profess for a single second that you have the answers for somebody else because you don’t. Say please and thank you and mean it. Be kind to one another. Listen. Be humble.
    Expect good. God is all there is and you are your Father-Mother God’s complete reflection, their likeness, now, always, and forever. Amen.


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