DWP No. 056

Make-Up Day

Today is the day when you get to submit any or all of the DWPs that you may have missed throughout the month. The month of February continues, however, and that is because I believe that you ought to end a challenge strong. So, if you have any prompts that you would like to “make-up,” please use this space to post any missing prompt responses.

Don’t forget! You must also complete today’s prompt, an Introduction!



If you have not missed any posts, then please use today to introduce yourself to the group, either in character or in person, and don’t feel the need to identify which type of introduction you are giving.

Happy Writing!






  1. My name is Mary I am a writer, educator, traveler, baker, all-around kind person, and native New Yorker. I am generous to a fault, huge dog lover, and pescatarian. I have a passion for hot and spicy food, grapevines in bloom, gorgeous French croissants, and strong Italian coffee. I am impatient with arrogance and self-centeredness. I don’t profess to have the answers and I have no patience with people who come across as if they did.

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  2. The only thing that you need to know about me is that I love Flamin’ Hot anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s Flamin’ Hot salad dressing or Flamin’ Hot potato skins. I feel the burn, and I love it.


  3. Throughout my life, I have been called every antagonistic name in the book. You can take your pick, I suppose. But be well aware, I consider myself to be the hero of my own story, so when you decide how you are going to refer to me, understand clearly whose side you are choosing. Perhaps we should suspend any introductions until you’ve been in my proximity long enough to take a temperature of your opinions and act accordingly. I am patient, take your time.


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