DWP No. 051



For WEEK THREE, we are going to do a little character development through a series of questions.


  • Each day, THREE QUESTIONS will be asked
  • Assume a character and answer the three questions IN CHARACTER.




BUT HERE’S THE RUB! (optional)

If anyone comments on your writings, you have to intake that as part of your character, essentially agreeing to whatever anyone brings up as either a comment or questions.

For instance, let’s say you were thinking that your character is a doctor. If someone comments and asks if your character is a circus clown, then you have to say “Yes,” and take that little tidbit and incorporate it into your character, whether or not you like how they’ve changed your character.










  1. Phyllis sez, I am willing to travel 2000 or more miles to get what I love.

    My favorite notebook is a cheap spiral-bound college ruled one subject number sold for a buck at Dollar Tree with 70 sheets of paper, ideally an orange but yellow would be a great choice too.

    Writing is orgasmic. Therefore every time I write I have an orgasm. Doesn’t get any better than that.

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  2. ‘Even’ Pt. 6

    How far are you willing to travel to obtain one of your favorite things?
    Of course, I will travel any distance to obtain just about anything because traveling great distances is simply not something that’s important to me. The better question might be something like, is there a time to when you’re unwilling to travel? And to that, I’d answer, maybe sometime in the middle to late 20th century in human history. Next.

    Which notebook do you love most?
    What do you mean when you say “notebook”? Right, okay. Yes, then, of course I have note-books that I love, so then, I guess, which one is my favorite? Well, there’s this one that—when opened—reveals to you, or sorry, me, how much time I have left in any given time period before I must travel again. Next.

    How often do you orgasm?
    Of course, I try to orgasm as often as I can, but it’s tough, so perhaps somewhere in the average of … well, maybe I just don’t want to share beCAUSE I’m not so sure I know whether this is a lot or a little. Next.


  3. 16. How far are you willing to travel to obtain one of your favorite things?
    Any distance, easy.

    17. Which notebook do you love most?
    I can’t allow myself to keep a notebook. Everything I write down must be temporary and then disposed of.

    18. How often do you orgasm?
    Sexually? Never.


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