DWP No. 049



For WEEK THREE, we are going to do a little character development through a series of questions.


  • Each day, THREE QUESTIONS will be asked
  • Assume a character and answer the three questions IN CHARACTER.




BUT HERE’S THE RUB! (optional)

If anyone comments on your writings, you have to intake that as part of your character, essentially agreeing to whatever anyone brings up as either a comment or questions.

For instance, let’s say you were thinking that your character is a doctor. If someone comments and asks if your character is a circus clown, then you have to say “Yes,” and take that little tidbit and incorporate it into your character, whether or not you like how they’ve changed your character.










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  2. “Even” Pt. 4

    Where is your favorite place to eat al fresco?
    Of course, I never live in a house or apartment that does not also include some sort of private outdoor space, be it a front porch—in the case of a house—or an accessible rooftop or substantial yard—when tenanting an apartment. Next.

    Who wants to know you more than you do?
    Oh, well, this is easy. There’s a Bromide without a name, or perhaps she has a name but I am not privy to such insight. Of course, few are privy to insight. But this is not about that. Anyhow, so this Bromide, she’s a she, and so, I just call her The She or The Woman, but again, this is not about that. Um, of course, I haven’t really been formally introduced, but She has, how do I put this?, traveled me out of space and time in order to have a “sit down” about my behavior as of late. Apparently, She believes me to be an ill-mannered troublemaker, which of course, I cannot disagree, but that shouldn’t mean that I can’t have a little fun. Right? Next.

    If you have to either be alone forever or in the company of five people forever, which would you choose?
    Of course this is abundantly obvious. I choose the company of five people. Next.


  3. Eat al fresco, know me more than me, alone or with 5 people

    The best place for me to eat alfresco is on a little plaza in Spain at 10 or 11 at night where the streets are alive with people- Grammys and kids running and screaming and people on hot dates and everyone else. Plaza de Santa Ana in the center is the best.

    I prefer to hang with myself as I know myself the best.

    In terms of who I’d like to hang with for the next five years given your two choices, I’d say everyone. That is, provided I have my own way.


  4. 10. What is your favorite place to eat al fresco?
    I don’t have a particular location in mind, as I travel so frequently I haven’t ever established a desirable place to return, but I certainly enjoy large public squares in the varying metropolises I traverse.

    11. Who wants to know you more than you do?
    Everyone. And they would be better for it, too, if only it were possible.

    12. If you have to be either alone forever, or in the company of five people forever, which would you choose?
    Alone is infinitely more desirable from a damage-control position, but of course I would have to choose the company of others. Considering the effect I have on other people… well… it truly is far too much FUN to pass up.


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