DWP No. 045



Happy Valentine’s Day!

In lieu of spending money on trash for which you essentially trade your hard-earned cash, I challenge you to spend your time on a love letter to someone you love. Sure, the letter itself may become trash someday, but the words on that page will last a lifetime.











  1. Dear Steve,

    Happy Valentine’s Day. The assignment today was to write a letter to someone you love and you’re my first choice.

    I have said this so often but lest you forget, I love you. Always. To the moon and back. To a big box store and back. On Black Friday. For a Door Buster. And then some. That’s how much I love you.

    I love your big brotherness. I love how you took care of me when I crashed into a glass door at age 15. I loved how you took care of me at Rick’s suicide when you paid for my hotel so I didn’t have to stay with the rest of the family. I love your expression of generosity. I love your grumpiness and your genius. I love what a great dad you are to your kids even though our dad was pretty terrible.

    I love your fabulous home fries and the fact that you started making them for me at 2 AM when I came to visit. Is there anything better than the smell of Steve’s home fries and onions at three in the morning? I love your loving thoughtfulness in doing that.

    I love your constant supportiveness of my writing and your honest feedback.

    I love your kindness to others and your wizardry as a lawyer.

    Mostly though, I love you for you, for exactly who you are, as big brother Steve, and for loving me back, no strings attached.

    Love you, always,



  2. To: My One and Only

    No one will ever know the extent of our love, for to share it with any other is to pierce it in its center, forever allowing it to drain of the precious moments that are and forever will be OURS.

    I love you,

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  3. To the girl who wiggles her toes when she sleeps:

    It seems like only yesterday I found myself in your orbit, slipping closer and closer beyond my control. It was only a matter of time, I suppose. Since then, though I don’t really know when I first realized it had happened, time has baked our life together, and in the most marvelous way. It’s so marvelous, in fact, that it matters little to me whether we load our baked-life-dough with unprecedented heaps of leavener and it expands so large it sears itself on the Sun, or disaster befalls our bread-life and we crumble apart at the crusty edges and fall into an adorable pile of bread crumbs. Whatever the case, and beyond even any conceivably more insightfully descriptive metaphor, just remember this: You don’t need to forge a silver bullet. But if you do, then you don’t need to rely on the kindness of monsters.

    I love you.


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