1. A Red Poem

    R- Raging, radical, reality regiment

    E- Exploring, ecstatically erstwhile

    D- Deploring debauchery daily.

    The end. Oops. Fooled ya! I lied.

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  2. “F.N.O.A.T. during a F.L.O.A.T.”

    And the sky was filled with the eminent glow that, powered down, the urbanscape would resort to the faintest light of all time or a F.L.O.A.T., during the funnest night of all time or The F.N.O.A.T., sounding like “Eph-In-Oat,” a town painted Korean RED; they all agreed.

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  3. This is my first time writing on here. It says Free Write.

    The embers of the fire flamed brightly then cooled down to the barley glowing brightness that let everyone know at the party the night was ending. Gloria moved closer to the flames wondering how she could stay the night without anyone else knowing that she had nowhere else to go. Slowly the rest of the party moved away and down the beach toward their cars and various transportation devices. Gloria fell back into the still warm beach sand by the fire and waited for the rest of the group to disperse. Staring into the starlit night she drifted off into a hazy dreamlike state.” Gloria,” the Goddess whispered in her ear and brought her back to her earthly senses just in time to see the small almost dog like creatures creeping up on her sleeping place by the fire. She moved slowly and reached for the only piece of wood still burning ,

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  4. The sky was red. The ground was red. The buildings were red. Everything was red, and nothing else could be seen. The rage burned within her so intensely this time that it may stain everything red permanently, and rip her apart at the seams from within.


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