DWP No. 037




Turn an idea into a short story with a beginning, middle and “end.”

Each day this week, you will be asked to write about a certain aspect of your idea. These writings will then become the filling for your pie. For DWP No. 038, you will finally write your story and share it in its entirety on that day. In the meantime, get to work on imagining the world in which you will tell your tale.

Days ONE thru SIX are all EXERCISES in story-making.






  1. Anton slumped in the old upholstered easy chair a former guest had left down in the basement near the laundry, guzzling from the wine bottle. The Maichewitz What is the Jews wine that’s what Freda called it but Anton didn’t care it was cheap stuff he needed it now. Slut bastard! After all he’d done for her she goes and falls in love with this asshole.

    “Anton, where are you? Are you down here? Anton! “ Freida’s screamed down the stairs, her nasal voice echoing off the walls.

    “Anton!” Anton wiped his lips and chucked the empty bottle behind the Coke machine.

    “Freida. My God, woman!” He whispered, and folded her into his wiry arms.

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  2. Cabin fever and restlessness stirred Dune from his mooring above the city. He found an open square on the street level below to stretch his legs and breathe in the warm embrace of the night without leaving too large a trail of sleeping civilians in the wake of his dream-field radius.

    As he basked in the urban belly of his slumbering hometown, an icy wind from the North penetrated his core. The echoing footsteps of a tall, handsome man approaching seized the serenity of the night by the throat.

    With no other choice, Dune ran.

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  3. In As Few Words

    And then, after making green, while floating among the Baubles in the purple moat surrounding her glass castle, She saw So Jeong in the distance, withering, and called to the Singing Leaves to send a message to the Listmaker by way of Ladybug.


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