DWP No. 035




Turn an idea into a short story with a beginning, middle and “end.”

Each day this week, you will be asked to write about a certain aspect of your idea. These writings will then become the filling for your pie. For DWP No. 038, you will finally write your story and share it in its entirety on that day. In the meantime, get to work on imagining the world in which you will tell your tale.

Days ONE thru SIX are all EXERCISES in story-making.





  1. Strange, I suppose (it isn’t anymore) that so often the most insightful self-reflections occur not until one is driven to squeeze quite specific motivations through grammatically proper tubes…

    As I see it, all objects (in the logical sense), by definition, exist as verbal representations of an intangible field of particular interrelated ideas. Among theses ideas (measurable by some unknowable percentage) exist concepts that the current human neural apparatus is capable of perceiving and incorporating into its understanding. By extension, then, there also exists some unknowable number of ideas and concepts related to each Object that the human thinking-sensorium is not capable of apprehending directly, or perhaps not even capable of having any interrelationship with whatsoever. Thereby, every human person (Subject) is readily capable of experiencing Objects IN PART!, but is inherently incapable of experiencing Objects in full. Thusly, some not insignificant part of every conceivable Object exists beyond the sight and perception of human beings. The logical generation must then be that the reality humans inhabit is only PARTIALLY apparent to humans, but actually it is much fuller and more vast and complicated than human beings can understand. It is from this field of the Unknown and the Unknowable, the liminal “space” of ALL ELSE beyond our understanding that binds reality together like the canvas does a painting, that the tendrils of curiosity and interest reach out and steal our attention.

    So I figure, if I pull on these tendrilous threads and find the cracks in the seams of imaginative understanding that I, personally, find appealing and pregnant with the power to penetrate deeper into the Unknown of Ultimate Reality, perhaps something worthwhile as entertainment to others may be leftover as a byproduct of the exploitation of my own creative interests.

    Ultimately, though, I want to tell this story because I want to see what happens! That’s usually what happens after the spontaneous emergence of new characters or creative ideas. The unfurling into words of fictional narrative is its own form of recreational thrillride.

    … At least, that’s how I can describe it to myself.


  2. I don’t know what this story is. There are people in it who remind me of people that I know or elements of people that I know or imagine that I know. But I do not know what the story is. I’m letting this unfold as it should be and as inspiration leads me.


  3. A Warning

    There’s a place where, after the hours of moonlight, sunlight turns on directly overhead. Awake, the Listmaker scurries, hard at work, making list after list after list. Despite existing apart from time, the animals that live on the property keep him tethered to the various worlds that exist within time. The animal of choice is a small ladybug, or Ladybug, to which it is often referred. It’s a thing of true intelligence really, possessing the special gift of messenger, Ladybug rarely fails detection [awkward, I know, but I never resolved it before the end of the day] and when glanced upon, is always met with delight. A small muted ticking tocks over large across the entire worldscape of the Listmaker’s Ranch.

    On any given day, the Listmaker will scribble down the instructions for any given person, including himself. Well, yes, he writes his own lists, but his importance revolves around his writing lists for others, namely, the others with the sorts of proclivity toward … control … control over the mind, will and actions of those … bound to time. But the mind is a difficult thing to possess, even by one’s own self. Nevertheless, the mind, existing in its own little world, draws upon the mind of every other thing in order to find an equilibrium, a co-existence, a sharing, almost, as if one could enter “the mind” of humanity. This, of course, defines the domain of the Listmaker.

    Be warned. Those who have met him without understanding his power, inevitably die under the weight of his mind. Those who survive, they would rather die than tell you what they know about the Listmaker. The choice is yours, obviously. No one wants to ever encounter the Listmaker. But, if one were to encounter him, would you want to survive with your treason being the death of yourself as you know you, or would you rather find out whatever it is there is to be found out about the Listmaker and then, pass on into your next life right then and there?


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