DWP No. 034




Turn an idea into a short story with a beginning, middle and “end.”

Each day this week, you will be asked to write about a certain aspect of your idea. These writings will then become the filling for your pie. For DWP No. 038, you will finally write your story and share it in its entirety on that day. In the meantime, get to work on imagining the world in which you will tell your tale.

Days ONE thru SIX are all EXERCISES in story-making.





  1. Phillip left as soon as he could. In Pennsylvania that meant legal age. He was tired of beating, tired of watching Anton cower, tired of pretending, and so tired so tired of the dog poop everywhere. Then there were the drunken brawls and verbal fistfights that went on with his parents. Philip was naturally smart he never studied in East his classes. He was constantly running away running from this hell that everybody thought otherwise. A regular juvenile delinquent, Anton would snear. When ya ever gonna grow up? Philip was tempted to punch his lights out but you just don’t do that do your grandfather. And after a while it got to be too much trying to hide the strap marks the belts and the constant screaming. Only Darci understood his blonde cutie pie have a girlfriend. She was one hottie all right. They met at a grocery store when he was buying beer for the boys get a pack of Marboro’s too and she thought he was sexy. Long hair, shoulder length, And green piercing eyes. She couldn’t believe he was almost 18. It seemed he should be older.Definitely not the type her parents expected. He gravitated towards her like a moth sucking up to a late summer campfire. She was his ticket to freedom. He left without saying goodbye to anyone, spitting on the ground as he kicked the door shut.

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  2. Arneval

    A cool breeze rolls into town in front of him, though no one ever makes the connection to his arrival. Perhaps it is due to his myriad other prominently evident characteristics that distract from his recurrently uncanny arrival circumstances.

    The first thing everyone notices about him, and they all notice, is his breathtakingly handsome appearance. Those who have never seen his face before cannot pull their gazes away for the scrutinizing doubt that such a chiseled, formidable expression of a person could possibly exist. But the more scrutiny given to all the little fine details, the more inexplicably ideal they reveal themselves to be.

    Taller than most, but not too tall.
    Broad, strong shoulders, but somehow not looking like a refrigerator.
    Dark hair and penetrating, intelligent eyes, but with a warm smile and welcoming impression.
    Smooth, slightly accented (from who knows [European] where) baritone voice that always finds the right path to deliver a veritable poetry of conversational mastery.

    For those to whom his reputation precedes him, his appearance marks a direct visual representation of the C-level executive portfolio that paves his way. With a precisely unknown total net worth over 12 figures, and independent controlling power on the boards of countless multinational corporations, he has generated more gross revenue for his employees and shareholders than the combined annual GDPs of the lower 60 percent of the world’s nation-states. On paper, for all intents and purposes, he represents an unattainable ideal of capitalist ubiquity, and he is the standard bearer behind which all others compete for second best.

    There is one pair of qualities of his, however, that merits its own reproach, and that which no other would ever dare address aloud: Anyone who ever finds themselves alone in a room with him soon finds his or her future unravelling into an endlessly distressing purgatory of disorder, and he has an incurable penchant for wandering off alone and spreading himself into contact with all manner of people in every conceivable crack of the megacities he roams between.

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  3. NOT the Listmaker

    Well, you tell me, then. You are, after all, the person who reached out to me. Therefore, I am under the understanding that you know all about the Listmaker. Which means that, if you know about the Listmaker, then you know that, obviously, I do not live on the Listmaker’s Ranch. I am, however, one of the privileged few who have been to the Ranch. I am not, on the other hand, keen on telling that particular story to the likes of you. I will tell you this, nevertheless, in order to perhaps satisfy one itch only to produce another, if you do ever find yourself at the Listmaker’s Ranch, but you won’t, like I said, you’re not the type, but if you were to find yourself there, you will not return back to the reality within which you currently exist. Yes, obviously, dear. Uh huh, yes. That’s right. Apart from time. Oh, please, don’t fret. There are no problems there. However, there is a small problem here. For instance, you. You are becoming a problem simply because a number of people under my employ have brought you to my attention. This means that you are a problem here. I’m sorry? Oh, yes. Of course, no one likes problems. No need to apologize, dear. Just acknowledge your understanding of your … particular mortality, and please, do not linger.

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