1. To Angeliti, Don’t Forget the Milk

    I don’t know and I don’t care-
    Thor is in his underwear.
    Kinda stinky
    Kinda white-
    you could say they’re kinda tight.
    Watch him move to Dancing Queen-
    Man, that boy can make a scene!
    But he stinks from head to toe
    I would rather kiss Monroe.
    He’s so hot and quite the dandy
    Makes me think of cotton candy.
    But he,too is kinda stinky
    Sucking on my tiny pinky
    Whining whining every day-
    Dear Lord, make him go away!
    I don’t know and I don’t care
    If you gots no underwear
    Just be sure to wipe the seat-
    Hunchbacks are so very neat.

    Hey-Close the door behind you!
    Were you raised in a barn?

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  2. Never does he ever care, and worse, never does he ever KNOW. It was around this time that his husband’s fury sparked into a tiny flame. “What do you mean you don’t care?” his husband demands. “It’s about us. It’s always about us. It’s about the deep rooted hatred toward men like us.” “Yea,” he responds, “But I don’t care.” His husband sighs at his general apathy, but then realizes that perhaps the apathy is more specific. “We’ve existed since the dawn of humanity. You know how I know this?” his husbands starts. “Sure, how?” his snorts. “Cause we’re written about in that fucking Bible. Men have been enjoying themselves in a homosexual capacity for ages, and we only know this because of how specifically wicked the treatment toward gays has been … since forever … like forever ever,” his husband shouts, nearly through tears now. He lowers his head in shame. “No, don’t fucking feel ashamed, Love. Just, you can’t not care,” his husband soothes. “I don’t care because I don’t want to,” he pauses for a moment; “I can’t care cause it’s just too fucking much sometimes … all the time … every single fucking day sometimes.” “Yea,” his husband responds. “That’s why we have to care. If we don’t care about our own rights and our own humanity, how can we expect others to?” “Maybe,” he retorts, glum.

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  3. I don’t know and
    I don’t care
    (because it makes no difference)
    You don’t know and
    You don’t care
    (because it makes no difference)
    You cried and
    I cried
    (because it mattered)
    I hid and
    You lied
    (because it mattered)
    We don’t know and
    We don’t care
    (because it makes no difference)


  4. Like flash bangs they went off and violently peppered the space around her head with noise and commotion. The people about threw themselves at each other desperately, flailing out in a last-ditch effort, clawing out at whatever they could get their greedy mitts on without any care for life or limb.

    But the taste was with her now, and she was immersed. The creature of her attention was leashed firmly with the flavor that now coated her interior, and she would be slave to it as long as she remained conscious.


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