DWP No. 028


You’re a Detective. You know nothing. But something happened.

Ask FIFTEEN QUESTIONS regarding the prompt.

If you’re really ambitious, answer FIVE QUESTIONS that other “Detectives” have asked.


Is everyone having fun?


p.s. to those of you who participate here … I will post February’s Meetup schedule at 10 AM today. there is a max capacity of ten (but the space holds fifteen). if for some reason, the group fills up before you get a chance to RSVP and you know 100% that you will attend, add yourself to the wait list, and I will sneak you* in there.

*this is an exclusive circumstance for participants here on this site.




  1. Are you aware of what happened here this morning?
    Approximately what time did you all arrive here?
    Who was the first person to show up?
    Do you come here regularly?
    How come your schedule today was irregular?
    Has anyone left the area since you’ve been here?
    Did you see or smell anything unusual before, during or after?
    Did you realize anything else was occurring while you were all having fun?
    Did anyone unfamiliar approach you while you were here?
    What can you tell me about anything strange that you heard?
    Are you aware that this is a public space you’re in?
    Why have you started drinking so early in the day?
    Do you know anyone else here who can corroborate your story?
    Are you planning any trips out of town in the near future?
    Can you provide your address and phone number on this paper?

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    1. DTTC (Don’t Talk To Cops)! I like the smell anything unusual part. Some many questions from so many questions.


  2. When did you first see it?
    Did it react to you?
    Was it transparent or more solid?
    Did you feel an evil presence?
    I know it scared you but did that seem to be it’s mission?
    Does it always come in that form or does it take on different ones?
    Have they said the names of anyone who lives here?
    So, you’re whole family has seen them?
    Are they trying to communicate something?
    Have tried blessing or anointing the house?
    What about smudging?

    Why are you here?
    How many are you?
    What do you want?
    If we give you that will you leave?
    What will it take for you to leave?

    Do you have a place you can stay tonight? This might take a while.

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    1. Yes, there was definitely an evil presence … like what those, uh, called?, those lady witches that worship the Devil!

      Despite my fear, no, it did not seem to be the mission of this … evil … to scare me. I think that … oh, well don’t mind me, sorry.

      Oh, sure, yea, of course it takes all different forms, namely, that of um … I don’t really know how to say this … but it’s … you know … the lady bits … variations on the … flowering genitalia.

      There’s only one name I care about and that’s Mickey. But no, that’s not the name of anyone who lives there. I don’t think.

      Oh, no, no, no. No one in my family dare see anything and say something about it. Sorry, did you think that I KNEW something about whatever went on here? Oh, dear, I’m sorry. I just walked by about five minutes ago. What happened?

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  3. Detective Questions
    1. Do you believe people are basically good or basically bad?
    2. Is matter reality?
    3. Which comes first- tge peanut butter or the jelly?
    4. Can you finish the phrase: 6 foot 2 and eyes of blue, Gucci Gucci Gucci____?
    5. Where were you on the night of the 27th?
    6. Why is it that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink?
    7. Why is the sky blue?
    8. Why is it that equally qualified women make $.79 to every dollar earned by men?
    9. Which pant leg do you put on first-your left or your right?
    10. What grade did you get in ninth grade biology?
    11. How are you?
    12. What is the meaning of life?
    13. Is Charlie Brown really a spy for the Mafia?
    14. What is the square root of 563?
    15. Do you believe in magic in a young girl’s (or boy’s) heart?


    1. Anything unusual happen here? Answer: Just the usual hassle of the coffee line with I could never get my order straight. It’s tea. Plain tea.
    2. Smell anything unusual? Answer: I smell fear
    3. Realize anything else? Answer: No one was doing long division. That WAS the assignment, ya know.
    4. Know this was a public space? Answer: I thought it was my teacher’s living room.
    5. Notice anyone unfamiliar? Answer: The Rotor Rooter Man.

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  4. “Alright, now remember these … um … questions, and answer them as quick as you can, you hear? Great. Oh-kay, one, What exactly were you trying to accomplish? Two, Who the hell is that guy? Three, What did the little dog play? Oh, shit, no. Not that. Number three, Where or where did the little dog play? Shit! Uh, sorry, yea, I didn’t mean to scare you. Uh, num. ber. FOUR, How long have you know your ‘friend,’ Sarah? Five, Who was there when you were there? Um, six, Did you intend to light the pool on fire? Seven, Why oh why did the little dog play? Fuck! I’m so sorry. Excuse me, seven, or eight? Oh, yes, thank you, eight, Can you recall whose idea this was at the beginning? Nine, Why did you think that that was a good idea? Ten, Do you know who the neighbors are? Eleven, What can you tell me about the little dog? *big, long, deep sigh* I am so … so very sorry. Enough about the dog, like, am I right? Okay, twelve, When did the little dog first want to play? God-fucking-dammit! THIRTEEN, Who knew that you were supposed to be here? Were you supposed to be here?, fourteen. And finally, I’m getting the hell out of here, Where’s the nearest greasy-spoon-type diner?”

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  5. I’m going to ask you a bunch of questions that might seem easy to you, will you please just answer them?
    What is your name?
    What year is it?
    What is the month?
    Who is the president? No, you don’t have to say his name.
    What day of the week is it?
    What time is it?
    How old are you?
    What is your gender?
    Do you remember why you are here?
    Was anyone else with you?
    Why didn’t they stay with you?
    How did you get here?
    Is there someone we can call for you?
    Who am I?

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