DWP No. 024 + make-up day


In a paragraph, as a character of your own making, introduce yourself to the group.


Optional Make-Up Day Objective

  • Submit (as many or as few) past DWPs that you’ve missed along the way either from joining late or any other viable excuse.
  • INCLUDE the PROMPT at the top of each corresponding submission.
  • Also, don’t forget to complete today’s prompt!



  1. #3 Does purple rhyme with circle?

    Of course it does. The larger question is does circle rhyme with purple? Will the short’ U’ sound in purple equal the short ‘I’ sound in circle? What happens if they marry? What will their children be called? Will they hyphenate their names? And, what about Naomi?

    #4 You dumb things down for men but show all women your true power.”

    He glared at her. “ Why is that? What are you trying to prove? Is that selfishness or condescension? Do you think you will get rewarded for pitying the male species? Are you insinuating that men can’t handle toughness? How dare you choose, to label, to judge? Now drop down and do 50 pushups the girly way. And no cheating by doing full pushup, ya hear? “

    #24 Meet Mary

    I’m a New York girl with a passion for hot and spicy food(mostly vegetarian with a tad Pescatarrian) travel, my dogs, writing, reading, and teaching, and baking. I love the smell of the musicals and I’m learning to swing dance. I have an Airbnb where I spoil my guests. I completed NaNoWriMo two times. I got my start as a writer at age 7, a deeply moving poem using the words ‘there’and ‘where.’Wanna hear it sometime?

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    1. Pleasure to meet you, Mary. I’ll go ahead and speak out of turn here by assuming I’m on the same page with everyone else in asking this singular critical question: Was your second NaNo book a sequel to the first?


      1. Thank you for asking. My first NaNoWriMo book was a coming of age novel. The second was a practical how to guide and being the best Airbnb host/cookbook. Both are sitting in my computer. I need to get them out, revise revise, revise, and send them out.


  2. Hi y’all my names Amos Stykman and I am a dy’ng breed. I’ve lived all my life in Lebanon, Kansas. Always got by and don’t put no stock in much book learnin. and the fact you aint heard of it just goes to show what a stupid waste of time education is. In the greatest country in the world, Lebanon, KS is the very center of the lower 48. That there, for all purposes done proves that I and all my neighbors are at the very center of the universe. Thats 204 of us and we is lived here all our lives. Thats the kinda history ya get when you follow our Lord and Savior and you can count on the fact that it ain’t never been done by a bunch monkeys, I didn’t come from no animals. Yep, all my life the good Lord been taken care a me.

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  3. Hi! My name is Dei, and I am a small, about one-and-a-half or, two centimeters tall celadon pig figurine. Typically, I spend the day perched upon whichever surface my keeper decides requires a bit of luck on any given day. Fortunately, my keeper has a partner who also is a keeper. My keeper’s partner’s lucky pig’s name is Ji. We are partners in our life, and honestly, I think that Ji would be upset that I am even introducing myself to you all today. But that’s fine; he generally stays offline. So, what else can I tell you? Well, I suppose when we’re not perched upon a surface we are stowed away for travel. When traveling by air, we are stored together in a small felt pouch. By train, our keepers typically store us together in one of their pencil cases. And by boat, we usually ride in the breast pocket of the male keeper’s coat or jacket or pants or shorts, depending on the time of year. We’ve traveled very little by car, but we have seen a lot of different countries and places. Mostly, though, we sit on a desk, whisper and make wishes and watch our keepers do whatever it is that they do on here. Oh, the lady keeper’s waking up. We’ll check in on you all again later to give you more deets, if you want. Later!

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    1. This is just the sweetest thing. I love that the figurines call them “keepers.” I want to know more about the keepers. Why do they travel so much? Are the figurine’s emotionally attached to their keepers?

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  4. from: etmoseleyc@gmail.com
    to: etmoseleyc@gmail.com
    date: Jan 24, 2019, 5:23 PM
    subject: [Writing Practitioners] Notepad Enticement – 2nd attempt (What’s it’s name?) [Reproduced verbatim]


    Three months ago I became acquainted with a man (though I have never met him in person, for reasons I hope you soon understand) who just suggested I introduce myself, here, to you. Apparently, I am to leave my personal details on this pad here, the one on which he left me this suggestion, and at some later point he’ll deposit my notes into some sort of “internet” creature that will display me to some other humans that live inside of it… or something like that. I don’t really understand how he explained it, but it’s been some time since another real person has reached out to me for anything, so on this paper my self shall I submit, and if nothing ever comes of it then I’ll have been once again reassured of the weight of their promises.

    In my time, I’ve gone by many names, but for now you can just call me Dune.
    I have a condition which I must forewarn you about.
    It is a condition which prohibits me from having any personal contact with people.
    Ever since I can remember, I’ve never seen a person who wasn’t sleeping. At first I thought the whole world was just lazy and lethargic.
    Then I thought they were sick.
    Then I thought they were dead.
    Then I found out that after I leave a place, then return to it days or weeks later, there is always ample evidence that life has gone on in my absence, and in full force, no less. So I’ve come to believe it is my condition that finds me locked in the center of my own isolation. I mean, it is my approach, my very presence, that causes this reaction in other people. I first became aware of this condition 31 years ago. I cannot remember before then.
    But as far as people who share my condition go, I’m just an average guy, I guess. Surely I can’t be the only one like me, and surely there must be some standard deviation of personality types, and I certainly don’t feel like an extremist in any regard. So, I assume that most of the rest of them are all like me in most respects. And from the looks of everything on this side of the mirror, the other side of life that goes on when you are all sleeping, it very much feels like I am just like all of you, too.

    So, there you have it. I’m not sure if my acquaintance will ever “poster-link” this note, or if I’ll ever hear anything back, but I am certainly flattered by the invitation nonetheless.

    Best regards and sweet dreams,

    Dune “

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    1. I absolutely love this concept! It grabbed me right away. I would love to read more about Dune’s living conditions.


      1. Ya, I would really love to know more about his living conditions, too! Hopefully that’s not the extent of my usefulness as his vessel … :-/


  5. Hello, there.

    My name is Doris Langley. It’s so very nice to introduce myself to all of you, as I have no interest in the decrepit bags of death aimlessly wandering around my building. How one can participate in “bingo” and play at fulfillment is beyond me. We, truly, have nothing in common. My godforsaken, ungrateful grandchildren have placed me here to die like a withering Daffodil.

    I am 86 years of age and that seems plenty to me. I was born in San Francisco, St. Mary’s Medical Center, in 1933. Lord, how I miss that city. Especially the 50’s. We simply made things happen. What a beautiful era for art and political activism. Oh, the joie de vivre! I smoked grass with Ginsberg in Dolores and shared rye with Kerouac in Vesuvio. Not to boast, darling, but I was fairly well-known in my time. Us beatniks loved life and devoured it with every second. I never did like that Janis Joplin or any of her hippie friends that followed.

    Anyhow, I attended the San Francisco Art Institute from about 1951 to 1954. I dabbled in acrylics and sculpting and, dare I say, watercolor which I discovered almost immediately I was terribly dreadful at. All in all, I found my true passion was photography. My photographs have been displayed in galleries from California to Pittsburgh.

    I have three useless children who only speak to me when they need money and four grandchildren of whom I’m certain are plotting my demise. I’ve never been married. Thank the man upstairs for that. I’ve had lovers across the decades. Currently, I’m having a bit of fun with our handsome UPS delivery man, Ronald. I will continue to eat life and pray it eats me back no matter what hellhole my kin insist on incarcerating me in.

    Well, enough about me. I look forward to hearing from you all soon. It’s been a pleasure.


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