DWP No. 021


Enjoy your day off today, in honor of MLK Jr., but the writing continues!

This is the LAST DAY of ADD-ON!

It’s been so fun! Thanks for going on this journey with me 🙂


“I think I’ve won our little wager,” sang the goldfinch.
“My darling, it’s not remotely over yet,” the cat replied as he dusted the sunset with mandarin wisps.

Let’s all thank BURTIE for this very last last post.


If you contributed AT ALL (even just one sentence) to this Writing Practitioners ADD-ON story this month, please stay tuned to further information regarding the work accomplished here.

WEEK FOUR continues on Tuesday with an all-new theme.





  1. The goldfinch “Pfft!”-ed and puffed up its breast feathers to appear larger and un-intimidated by the cat’s exceedingly agitating nonchalance.


  2. Brilliant rays of light in intense hues of dawn and dusk together streaked from the growing crack in the horizon and out through the ether, painting large swaths of the universe in rejuvenating stripes of radiant warmth.


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