DWP No. 019

Remember, we’re playing ADD-ON this week.

Read the Instructions if you missed them.


Ahh, it had been a long, overly stimulating day and as she retired she smiled to herself thinking of Derek’s medication; yes, she hoped her dosage was high enough for the hallucinogenic properties to be strong.

Thanks to pledge all-star DONNA MCMANUS for yesterday’s last post!


Same old, same old!





  1. The hopeful smile that settled on Sarah’s face rippled across time and space and put so much vitriolic vigor into Mr. Bentley’s pounding that his fist broke through the cheap wooden door and he screamed, “AGHT! You’ll pay for the koi, the rent, and this door now too!” and as his one bloodshot eye peered through the hole he added, “Why is a bird sitting on your head? You owe me for another pet deposit!”


  2. “Oh,how wonderful to see you, Mr. Bentley. Thank you so much for stopping by. Would you like some cookies? “ Tasakashi opened the door and greeted Mr. Bentley like a favored neighbor. When the ole rubber met the road, Tasakashi really knew how to turn on the charm.


  3. The goldfinch was now bobbing in tune and time to the incandescent music in her head and she could not recall what any of the Dereks had said about too much medication.


  4. Mr. Bentley had never enjoyed the taste of chocolate so much in his life. It didn’t matter to him one bit that it was raining glitter and stardust.


  5. As their reference frame of spacetime folded and warped, whipping by them at lightspeed, Takahashi tried to resist the g-forces and crane his neck around just a few degrees to catch sight of the goldfinch who was still calmly singing and bopping along with the driving, melodic beat.


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