DWP No. 018

Remember, we’re playing ADD-ON this week.

Read the Instructions if you missed them.


“I knew those alchemy lessons would come in handy soon!”

Thanks to long-time contributor, @ETMOSELEYC, for this last post yesterday!


DO NOT WORRY ABOUT RESPONDING DIRECTLY TO THE ENTIRETY OF THE STORY. Try, but also have fun, so if someone just throws in a direction from left field, that’s alright. Just go with it. The lesson is to surrender to the story, to sacrifice your will for the good of the whole, to deny yourself the opportunity to force your will upon others. It’s okay if the story makes absolutely no sense 🙂 Great work so far. I hope it’s fun and/or challenging!



I will return at 11 PM to copy and paste the most recent post for tomorrow’s continuation of the work we accomplish here!





  1. “But those luscious,uh, intelligent Koi down at Mr. Bentley’s – well, that’s a possibility.“


  2. “Yes, but how do we live with the consequences of our own happiness, and why oh why do all the beautiful things that we make happen on the other side of the world just make our own situation more desperate?” moaned Takashi.


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