DWP No. 017

Remember, we’re playing ADD-ON this week.

Read the Instructions if you missed them.


“You really need to get up and write the next bit, you know,” said the cat.

Thanks and Welcome to @AN for this last post yesterday!


I will return at 11 PM to copy and paste the most recent post for tomorrow’s continuation of the work we accomplish here!





  1. Fun? He could think of so many other things to do rather than get up and write such as clean out the gook between his toes.


  2. It says so much about Watty’s prowling in the neighbors back yard when I see bits of shiny scales in his claws when I go to trim them and spare my couch the extra toture……gook that looks similar to the silvery orange hue of Mr Bentley’s Koi fish in his pride a joy meditative backyard fish pond. Trouble looms


  3. Visions of strange British door-knockers and stressful morning encounters rattled around Takahashi’s head as he resisted the urge to open his eyes.


  4. The cat sat on his chest and said, “I would write it myself if I had opposable thumbs but you’re all I’ve got so grab your pen while I dictate, and trust me, things are getting a little bit dangerous out there… we’re the only thing that can stop this whole gorgeous sliver of multiverse from collapsing.”


  5. “Too bad,” the cat said raking it’s claws across his chest. “Deal with it”, and, for emphasis, bit him on his earlobe.


  6. “Eeck,” Takashi moaned with a rub of his ear on his shoulder, and as the cat turned to face him, they locked eyes in a staring contest of will.


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