DWP No. 016

Remember, we’re playing ADD-ON this week.

Read the Instructions if you missed them yesterday.


“But her ill timed whisper echoed in the darkness, and now all the Dereks and the priest were gazing at her naked beauty.”

Thanks and Welcome to new contributor, @Burtie, for this last post yesterday!


I will return at 11 PM to copy and paste the most recent post for tomorrow’s continuation of the work we accomplish here!


p.s. if anyone is interested in typing each day’s contributions into a Word or Google doc, message me through Meetup for details about format and compensation (which won’t be much).




  1. Her obesity was ravishing, her mountainous breasts like undulating plains of waving wheat, her belly like a camp out of deflating hot air balloons.


  2. She embodied the prime specimen about whom the Weight had spoken, but somehow neither Derek–in all his meds-less distraction–nor Sarah brought this to the priest’s attention, who, of course, stood represented by Derek’s magical form.


  3. She lugged herself forward, her voluptuous thighs rubbing together in a rap so melodious it rivaled any in the land.


  4. And it happened with such intensity that future generations would venture to the surrounding forests and find lingering evidence of it for millennia to come.


  5. She gazed down at her voluptuous seemingly lifeless body and knew all that was important, all that was real about her was with her now.


  6. She considered her new circumstances, aware that she took up space but had no volume, she felt that she was in the corner of the room, not far from the ceiling.

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