DWP No. 015


CONGRATS to those of you who completed all of WEEK TWO!

And a WARM WELCOME to those of you who joined us this week!



Remember, we’re playing ADD-ON this week.

Read the Instructions if you missed them yesterday.


Dark, the air made itself known all around them.



I will return at 11 PM to copy and paste the most recent post for tomorrow’s continuation of the work we accomplish here!






  1. [TK re-posting for taohouse]

    “Derek hung back- he’d never been one to believe that suffering brought redemption.”

    [now simply keep posting into the box already visible. Do not click “Reply” to this contribution.]


  2. but he recalled the last words his father spoke to him before his heart stopped completely, and the pleasant curve of his last smile, you will be okay; suffering brings you a second set of super powered eyes located in the middle of your heart


  3. He thought his father was just being emotional when he mentioned his heart; honestly, the guy actually loved those drippy Hallmark specials on his third eye.


  4. What does this heart of hearts matter now?, though, he thought as the procession continued, slow and undaunted, into the heavy, dark air; the Weight has spoken.


  5. Sarah watched Derek’s slow progression to the Maypole, worried at the strange expression on his face, hoping against hope that he’d taken his meds that day.


  6. Well, perhaps the word “enjoy” didn’t quite encapsulate the slurry of excitement and horror she felt whenever she found herself obligated to public exposure.


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