WEEK THREE | Details


Week Three is going to be a bit different, so please read the following instructions:


WEEK THREE | add-on

We will use the entire week to play the game of add-on. Thus, this week will require more time online (checking in on the site a minimum of two / max. infinity times per day) but much less time writing. A small reprieve is on order.



  • Every day at 12:01 AM, tomorrow, I will post the day’s prompt, which will be the opening sentence to OUR shared story.
  • At that time, each person who visits the site will write ONLY THE NEXT IMMEDIATE SENTENCE.
  • You may contribute as many sentences as you like, but please submit at least two, and try to revisit the site on two different occasions.
  • TWO CONTRIBUTIONS will equal the day’s participation (for the Pledge).
  • REFRAIN from commenting on others’ contributions until the next day. Just keep adding to the story.
  • AT 11 PM each night, the most recent post will be the next day’s prompt. If you want to continue the story, feel free, but any contributions after 11 PM will not be forwarded to the next day.


Here’s an example:


DWP No. 15 (15Jan2019)

As midnight rose …


REPLY (etmoseleyc) 10:30 AM

… all of the inhabitants of the Frosted Forest emerged from their cabins.

REPLY (Donnie) 12:00 PM

Despite the chill on the air, they were all in the nude.

REPLY (Craven) 8:00 PM

No one wanted to admit that this was crazy, of course.

REPLY (Mary) 9:45 PM

Nevertheless, naked and cold, the show must go on.


DWP No. 16 (16Jan2019)

Nevertheless, naked and cold, the show must go on.



If you have any questions or concerns, just take a stab at it, and I’m sure we’ll all figure it out by Day Two 🙂

Answers to Potential FAQs

Yes, you may post multiple times back-to-back.


If you post at the same time as someone else, just respect the order of the posts as posted, and if someone posts while you’re thinking up your sentence off of a post that’s now been responded to, just post your initial thought and perhaps just post twice, back-to-back.

If the same person ends up being the last post by 11 PM, well, lucky them!

Be a bit mindful if you are the person determining the prompt every morning.

Have fun! This is a sort of writing holiday where only two sentences are required for those doing the Pledge.

Enjoy the short break! See you online!



p.s. if you are interested in documenting the day’s contributions to a Word or Google doc., please message me (directly) through Meetup for details.



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