1. “Get the fuck out of here then!” Pam screamed.
    “Fuck you,” Dave slammed the door on the way out. The whole house shook from it’s frame. At this point it was mostly frame, the rest of it was piled in the front yard with so many of what they’d acquired over their lives together, destroyed by the flooding. Hurricane Florence had tested their love. They lost so much but they pulled through. Worked together had rekindled a sweetness between they as they committed to putting it all back together.
    When they got word of Hurricane Micheal, again,they hunkered down to prepare for what would come. They were relieved to find it was just severe storm by the time it got to them. But they’d been stretched so thin. They felt beaten and taxed. Staying there. Once again not running caused something to break between them and things became tense.

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  2. “At least have the decency to kill and cook me before you eat me”, he grumbled from the edge of the dinner plate. It was 10 PM, time for dinner in sunny Madrid and all the people were out- grandmas, kiddies, couples in love, girlfriends I am there girl pals all decked out to be molested but longing to meet The One, couples out of love,and everything in between.

    At Inglee CS, the hippest tapas bar on the plaza, a strolling violinist was trying to woo dazzled couples while some idiot pushed garish fake flowers and giant plastic sunglasses onto hip guys in tight jeans making the moves on their babes.

    I was just sitting in the corner minding my own business, alone in this city that I never tire of, trying to negotiate an entrée I just bought that was really puking me out because it involved fish. Every now and then I eat fish. Coming from America I assumed it would be a simple fish fillet. Wrong. So wrong. Alone on this beautiful plaza or plaza as the Spaniards say because a former ruler had a speech impediment. I’ve been alone in this plaza so many times the wait staff stopped asking only one? Yep, that’s right. Deal with it. I was over feeling self-conscious sore self pitying it or anything in between. It was just my lot in life to go through it alone. It must be some payback for something I did decades ago. I don’t know.

    I was trying to figure out what to do with this dish that look positively disgusting With all its body parts in tack wiggling in moving. I can’t remember the name of it was something like Hamburg ha haw hen from the edge of the plate this voice spoke up. Much to my amazement his antenna started moving. I thought it might’ve been the snacks I ate at the hotel- they weren’t very good but at least they try to accommodate people whose Normal dinner time is not 10 PM or later as it is in Spain. Everything in Spain is late and that’s one of the many reasons why I love it. But this little voice on the edge of the plate begged for mercy.

    I paused, mid fork, and dug in.

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      1. Yes. I volunteer teaching English they are in the summers. Madrid is one of my all-time favorite cities. Have you been? It’s a pity my Spanish is rudimentary at best because I would have an even better time than I do.

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  3. “We’ve been down this road already, my love. You know why you must be alive for this.”
    “I know. I didn’t mean it. I am sorry. I’m scared. It just came out. I want this, too. I need this. We need this.”
    “Tonight is our night,” he whispered to her as he leaned down and gently kissed each of her eyelids as she closed them for him in turn.
    Securely strapped into her seated position at one end of the table, he smoothly slid around opposite her so they could gaze into each others’ eyes as the coming event transpired. A section of the table had been partially removed so her leg and ankle could be propped up on the slanted leaf and resting right in front of him at the other end.
    “I love you,” he said as he calmly picked up the long blade and brought it to her pinky toe. She felt a warmth well up within her and bring a tear to her eye. Choked up, she only nodded. She knew he meant it. He would never have agreed to this if he didn’t.
    As she watched his fingers deftly grasp the end of her toe, she felt nothing and knew the local anesthetic was working. With one swift, smooth, slice, off popped her tiniest of piggies. A quick firm bandaging combined with the surreal shock of it all and all she could do was look on in bewilderment as he turned her little toe right side up in front of his face.
    “I can still feel it,” she managed to squeak out as she anxiously wiggled her other toes. “Do it… Do it…”
    He marveled at her stubby little flesh nugget, turning it over between his fingers.
    Then he looked up, squarely into her eyes, and popped the little toe into his mouth.
    Her eyes rolled back in her head as shivers of ecstasy shot up from the spot where her toe was once rooted, up through her leg, up the entire length of her spine and straight up into her brain. She could feel her little toe skin and bones crunching and grinding between his teeth, then wrestling and working itself, in pieces, down through his esophagus muscles and into his interior. Soon, she thought, her own biochemistry would absorb into his, and she could finally start the assimilation she had been waiting her whole life for.

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    1. Oh. My. God. I need to know. What is she assimilating into? Why her pinky toe? What’s going to happen to her? What’s going to happen to him? Why MUST she be alive?

      This is incredible. Please continue this story.

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    2. These two lovers are about to become one, yes? I bet she eats one of his toes next. Or is she magic, and so she’s the only one who can live inside him?


  4. “Ahhhh!” she screams out in horror as his head rises slow from between her thighs. “No biting!” she screams out again with a tug at his hair. “Geez. Alright. Just calm down,” he teases with a flick of his tongue as she consoles herself. “At least have the decency to kill me and cook me before you eat me,” she jokes as she rubs the particularly sore bit and sits her bare ass on the ottoman next to him. “Sorry, I didn’t think it’d be that painful,” he feigns, sympathetically. “Well, shit. It really did,” she complains. “Well, sar-ree! I guess I’ll just never do that again,” he mocks. “N– Not never,” she stammers. “Ugh, you’re pathetic,” he scolds as he redresses himself. “Get up. We have to be at the restaurant in thirty.” She sighs, “We could try the shower?”

    TK Camas

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    1. I started off really liking this guy and their playfulness and then at the end I hate him. This felt very real. Did you intend to write him that way?

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      1. Interesting. Thanks for the feedback. I wrote this originally with opposite genders, but then I thought it’s so stereotypical that she’d just be another woman giving a guy a blowjob, so I just switched the pronouns without changing any of the first draft. Haha!

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  5. Sitting on the grimy countertop of our apartment, I watched as his calloused hands pushed the stir fry around the skillet with the spatula. He picked up a single piece of chicken, carefully hovering his other hand below and turned towards me.

    “Here, babe. Try this.”

    I bit the end of the chicken and snatched it from his fingers. After a moment of contemplation, I tilted my head and said, “It could use more salt.”

    “Hey now. I’m trying over here,” he lightheartedly insisted. He turned back to the pan and that boyish grin stretched across his face, “Besides, you’re going to drown it in Tapatio anyway.”

    His smile made my head light and my legs weak. God damn, did I love that smile. It was the kind of grin that held a question; what kind of trouble do you want to get into? He was always a little mischevious. Sneaking onto rooftops. Stealing trinkets and silverware from restaurants for fun. On our first date, he took me to a Mexican restaurant on the corner of 62nd and Park Ave. There was the biggest bottle of Tapatio I had ever seen sitting next to the silverware and paper napkins. We walked out the door, turned the corner, and he pulled the bottle of Tapatio out of his coat. He grinned and I was finished.

    “Ha! Whatever. Maybe if you learned how to use spices…” I laughed, jumping off the counter. He removed the pan and set it on a cool burner. I walked to our refrigerator and pulled out the giant bottle of Tapatio. Still gripping the hot sauce, I leaned my lower back against the countertop and as I pushed my self up with the palms of my hands the gigantic glass bottle slipped out of my grip and crashed onto the floor. There were shards of glass and red liquidy paste everywhere; it was splattered on the walls, the ceiling, the refrigerator.

    “OH fuck!” I shouted.

    “Don’t get off the counter, you’re barefoot,” he warned with genuine concern and immediately knelt down next to the mess and started to pick up the glass shards. “Stay right where you are. I got this.” He chucked the large shards in the trash and came back with paper towels to start on the hot sauce. He was always taking care of me.

    “Ya know, you look really good on the floor like that,” I smirked and stared intensely at his mouth, willing him to look up at me. He stood, walked back to the trash and discarded the dozens of soiled paper towels. He began rinsing his hands off at the sink and, after what seemed like a lifetime, he looked over at me and grinned. He didn’t remove his eyes from mine as he took the hand towel from his shoulder and began to dry his hands. Slowly he walked over to me, still staring, set the hand towel on the countertop, and leaned his body over mine. He tilted his chin back and rest his lips on mine, waiting for me to give in. I didn’t last five seconds.

    His hands were everywhere as I wove my fingers through the thick dark hair at the nape of his neck. My elbows rested on his shoulders and I felt them curve as he gripped my thigh. Slowly he inched his way up, moving my skirt out of the way. I felt as he pulled my panties aside and started touching me. My head rolled back and he softly kissed the bottom of my chin and down my neck.

    I started to feel a hot sensation where his fingers stroked me. “Wait, babe. Wait, something’s wrong.”

    “OH FUCK!” In an instant, I was snapped into reality by the searing pain in my vagina. I pushed him off of me, jumped off the counter and ran to the sink. I wet my hands and insert my fingers in my vagina, acting completely out of animalistic impulse. Wet, insert, repeat. Wet, insert, repeat.

    “Holy shit, the hot sauce. I’m so sorry! I wasn’t thinking!” He said completely panicked.

    After about a minute of DIY douching myself, the pain began to subside and my body loosened, “Ah, it’s okay. It’s getting better.”

    “Well, babe, I do like spicy food,” he chuckled, regaining his ever-present composure.

    I turned and looked at him with mocking anger, “At least have the decency kill and cook me before you eat me if you’re going to use hot sauce.”

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  6. Lacey liked all of her days and today was another good one. She had hit her bedroom floor at 5:30am and straight out of bed, knocked off 20 push-ups, 100 crunches and popped outside to do a fast 20 mile loop on her bike. After that, classes until 2:30 followed by homework, dinner and a bike ride to work.

    It was a totally normal day at work. The new guy, Paul, had just come on the floor and Lacey was heating up biscuits in the microwave for customers. She was wearing the cafe’s uniform and actually thought they were comfortable and cute enough. Little velcroed dirndl skirt with a scoop necked peasant top. For the guys it was even easier, brown slacks and a long sleeved button up shirt.

    Paul had been working for just over a week and he and Lacey had been lightly flirtatious with each other. Lacey was very straightforward about her fondness for sex and pretty much flirted with anyone and everyone and took none of it seriously. Paul on the other hand, thought emotional depth and commitment were important. But like everyone else, he did want Lacey. Today, he would make his move.

    He was watching her standing by the microwave and thought she was really hot. She was a triathlete and probably every bit as strong as he was. He held his breath as he watched her. Her body was perfect, he exhaled loudly only realizing in that moment that he had been holding his breath at all.

    Lacey could not believe what Paul did. He had walked by her and, starting at the nape of her neck he ran his fingers up her head, through her hair and gathered it into a soft fist as he reached the crown of her head. He then firmly pulled her head back by her hair, leaned in and firmly bit her neck. She was delighted as chills coursed through her body and she thought, “Oh,yeah, baby, have the decency to kill me and cook me before you eat me.” Then she laughed at herself, okay, you can just eat me.

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    1. So sultry. This read as sexy as it was actually sexy. Sorry if that didn’t make any sense.

      p.s. i was just about to message you to make sure you posted today! glad to see you made it!!!


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