1. Deep sinking purple streaked magenta,
    Hugging the canyon rim,
    Stretched in supplication,
    Prostrate in a wilderness of longing,
    Fading, heart beat stilled,
    Last glow of orange turned indigo.
    I am alone.

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    1. Strangely, I didn’t find this sad at all. It’s as though you’re looking at something so beautiful it has become magic and even though you’re alone, you’re not necessarily lonely.

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  2. Hello friend, you are like Me,
    Riding on red waves of We,
    Like rolling hills,
    Relaxed and long,
    Never a sense of right or wrong.
    Huzzah! What was that flash?
    Was that a pinch of energy?
    A racing pulse… an increased speed…
    That energy is inside Me!
    There you are and now I’m here,
    A phase apart but always near.
    And though I straddle,
    Hand in hand,
    You and yellow,
    Across the band,
    Entangled is our fate, you see,
    For You are We,
    And We are Me.

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    1. I like the flow of this. It demands to be read aloud. It’s full of life and the synchronicity and connectedness you see everywhere when you’re young. I almost wanted to bite some of themes you’ were working with but I would have done it no justice.

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    1. Ugh! I’m phoning this one in. I can’t write poetry on the fly. I’m not sure being forced to write in a style is helping me.

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      1. Toughen up, kid! We’re only just beginning. You’re doing and have been doing such an absolutely great job so far. ONLY ONE OF THREE who have written every day here. Keep it up. Relax, take it a day at a time. Phoning this one in doesn’t matter. The fact that this is challenging you is what matters.

        Seriously, GREAT WORK! See you tomorrow, ya hear?

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    1. “And in the big scheme of things, you either yield or eradicate.” I love this because there seems to be no negative or positive connotations for either; it’s simply a choice. Sometimes, to eradicate something is the right decision.

      I love how this poem can speak to any kind of life change/transition.

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  3. Red. It be
    Comes or
    but own
    Lee if you let it,
    Only if Crayola
    Erects a fence
    To keep the impure
    1s at bay.
    StayRed, my momma said
    Stay pure
    don’t lose yer babies.
    Send me kisses would ya-
    Lawn turds, peanuts,
    Hell Red,
    Lis en to me good.
    Stay red.
    Make us

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    1. This is interesting. If I may admit, reading it makes me feel a bit lost through the format and syntax, rhythm, etc. It’s almost unsettling without being violent or scary.


      1. Thanks For the honest feedback. I’ve been dictating all the prompts from my phone and it’s hard to edit that way. I just discovered the notes function and I’ll be dictating there as well but at least now I can clean things up. Sorry for the confusion

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  4. Soft tongue folds on lollipop swirl
    Wet the colors blend
    Wait, your elbow is digging into my hip bone
    Shut eyes, red light spots
    Focus heavy
    Watercolor pussy
    Petals spread in the morning
    Open like a blooming bud
    Dewdrop baby
    Shiver in the cold
    Leave your socks on
    I don’t care

    Madeline M.

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