1. A tightrope walk between innocence and complicity,
    The news blared daily
    Deafening sensitivities, dulling indignation.
    Yet another assault on respect and dignity,
    Heading towards the barbarian.

    Maybe our extinction is earned:
    Having eaten all the prey, we turn on each other.

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    1. Beautiful. Did the tightrope appear after the prey had all been eaten?

      Thank you for sharing your writing. I’m glad to see you’ve made it over here! *high five*


  2. I think about the world burning up all the time,
    You’re a fool if you don’t,
    But no hero will save us.
    If power has it’s way nothing will.

    I wish the world would just shake us off,
    Flick us like so many pesky bugs,
    But no, we saw fit,
    Assuredly, to take every living thing down with us.

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  3. There was a time in my life where I had really needed help and a pastor from a church was off to give me the help. I refused it. I thanked him and told him that I thought I needed to crash and burn. I was seeing the pattern. This was how I always messed up, and someone always helped me and I got relief and then I did it again. I simply wasn’t going to fix this without becoming more uncomfortable.

    But the world. Does the world need to burn, or does it need a hero? Well, the world kills or jails their heroes, Malcom X, Mandela, Ang San Suu Kyi. When heroes don’t die, they save their people and then become the evil they ran from to other people…Ang San Suu Kyi.

    So does the world need a hero? Of course, but that doesn’t mean a hero could help. Does that mean the world needs to burn?

    I think the world will burn but with all the ensuing collateral damage it is hard to say it needs to. The only peace that comes to me is when I consider the raging fires that consumed more of Yellow Stone than had been consumed in a century one year. The following year there were species of wildflowers that hadn’t[ been recorded in a century.

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    1. Well thought out, & nice example of how someone so good like Ang San Suu Kyi, under some pressure, can end up making such bad calls too. I feel for her & try to understand how she got there.


  4. The world is already burning. It’s burned before… always the wrong people suffer, never the worst of us.
    Maybe somehow we’re all complicit… Call it karma, collective unconscious, whatever.
    It’s time to find the hero in ourselves & all stand up together.

    But sure could use another Martin Luther King or Ghandi right about now.
    Technology has the potential to help in part, but it isn’t the whole answer & sometimes it’s the problem… I hope we find ways to use it wisely, before it uses us all up.

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  5. I like this one! I apologize for my virtual truancy, but I think I need to run harder with this one.

    Sometimes, the world needs to burn.

    Most people probably don’t know that the rainbow is a token from God promising that he will never flood the earth again.

    Most people also don’t know that farts account for twenty-eight percent the amount that carbon dioxide contributes to the heat caused by global warming.

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  6. That was it. That was everything else on the note. No signature. No fingerprints. Just plain old Times New Roman somehow typed onto a standard index card. All the little spattered blood droplets seeping into the paper had clearly bled through from the back of the card after it had been quite deliberately placed in the center of the room, though at this point it resembled more of a gory Jackson Pollock diorama than a livable human space. It was so much and nothing to go on at the same time. A villain, but no victim, and certainly no apparent hero. A burning world, but no fire. A stack of note cards, slowly growing taller, tallying the cost to be born only by those unable to pay it.

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  7. She sat up in her chair, moving towards the edge and feeling the urge to speak. Until that point she had been feeling nothing more than just how desperately she wanted to be anywhere but this meeting. A meeting that was everything one could hate about meetings; it dragged on and repeatedly stated the obvious. But a foreign oxygen mask must have dropped down cause she looked directly to the small, impish looking girl next to her and resisted her instincts. She began speaking with her heart guiding her. For me the world needs a hero; but at 17, when the person I most identified with was Holden Caulfield, well back then the world just needed to burn. I mean when your dead set on an intellectual books, and the only reading material is People Magazine, it’s understandable how you can feel no one really understands you.

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