DWP No. 005

the importance of self-importance

NOTE: Please keep submission to a length that can be read in about a minute or two. Lengthier explorations need to be posted elsewhere, with the encouragement to post the links here if you want others to experience you work in its entirety. Thanks!





  1. “The Importance of Self-Importance.” Sounds like a line or title from a self-help book. I read self-help books. I have to say it’s one of the few guilty pleasures I have, because I’m rarely ashamed of what I like. However. they kind of make me feel a little basic and silly. I find they can help me. I know I’ve a taken a bit of advice from each book I’ve read. Also, I feel like they track the zeitgeist, perhaps, more than anything else I can think of. So I’ll read titles that don’t apply to me. Advice from long ago. How to Win Friends and Influence People was used as the template for police interrogation tactics. Important info. I found The Game not quite a self-help book on pick-up–more journalism about pick-up artists by a journalist turned pick-up guru–but it’s used as one and says so much about the way men are conditioned to objectify women and in turn how men treat each other. More benign books on dating offer similar info.
    But it’s with some shame, an excuse, to say I’m merely analyzing the zeitgeist. I find myself drawn to self-help like some readers are to their favorite genre fiction. It’s easy to read. It’s at times a fantasy, like the immediate enlightenment offered by Eckhart Tolle. Time management, pseudo-psychology, organization, hell, I can use all this information. I don’t see myself quitting anytime soon.

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    1. Yea, there’s definitely something interesting there. If this is a character, how does this person interact within the world, rather than just within his own head?


  2. The importance of self importance is similar to the generosity of spendthrifts. So let’s explore the similarities and where they end. Self-importance is commonly assumed a negative quality and in my book having the qualities of a spendthrift is also. Unless . . . you are in the middle of a depression (financial)?

    Similarity: negative personality trait
    Dissimilarity: spend thriftiness can be useful

    People who are spend thrifts have generally worked for that quality, they enjoy it and can’t begin to understand why anyone would buy the good juice for 10 dollars instead of the frozen concentrate for .33 cents. People usually don’t work for the trait of self importance. It’s more like it just falls on them and they begin to bask in it. They enjoy it when others aren’t around. They never understand why everyone fails to see their true roll.

    Similarity: both personality types fail to understand others
    Dissimilarity: spend thrifts had to work harder.

    Finally, spend thrifts really try to teach spend thriftiness to their children. Self important people never try to teach self importance to their children, because then their children’s eyes would be off the prize.

    So like the generosity of spend thrifts, the importance of self importance isn’t.

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    1. Interesting. I’ve never really seen spend-thriftiness (if you don’t mind my twist on the term here) as a negative quality except for in the sense of someone being cheap. I absolutely love, “Self important people never try to teach self importance to their children, because then their children’s eyes would be off the prize.” I have this problem all the time, but I think where you ended up at (in the end) is where this writing ought to begin.

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  3. The importance of self-importance.

    A beggar walks up to a man dressed in—what the beggar assumes is—fancy attire and humbly lowers himself to be small and frail looking. ”Sir, could you spare a dollar?” The man stops in his tracks. With the beggar at his side, the man slowly turns to look the beggar in his face. “Why crouch below me?” the man asks. “Sir?” “Why are you making yourself look small and worthless?” the man rephrases. “I …” the beggar begins; “I … I … guess I just figure you could take pity on me.” “I pity only fools,” the man states as he returns his focus to wherever it was before the beggar interrupted him.

    TK Camas

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    1. I like this a lot. I want to know both of the characters more, there is something compelling about each of them and the way you’ve written makes them very believable.


  4. It was quite a catchy slogan the Company had actually come up with… somehow. But no matter! Everything it represented was none other than everything that was sinister and made of shadows in this day. The Company had long considered itself (publicly) a shining beacon of stewardship for the Underclass wards of town, and a pillar of strength for those gripping themselves up by their bootstraps and bellyflopping into the workforce, but for the same amount of time it had also considered itself (privately) as the intravenous methamphetamine that would never stop pumping through the veins of Baking Jack City. Self-importance (and all its related tentacles and accoutrements) was the gaping psychological wound the oppressed were nursing when the Company rolled into town, and through that venom they are ripping apart what’s left of this place.

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  5. I was 40 before I even knew I had a self. Between my mother and my sister and a dad, who-like Santa, was someone you’d heard of and dreamed about but never actually saw, yeah the self is vital to real happiness, unlike a father.

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  6. Self importance? You might be talking selfishness and self absorption this chick thinks of no one except yourself the world revolves around her and if you ask her for the smallest favourite the smallest favor she turns you down. The selfishness is astonishing and if this is self importance this chick believe she is the center of the universe I mean all Astor was to just chat with a guest who is new to the US and was in where the heck over his head and she turned me down. Now me- I’m the kind of person who does backflips for everyone sometimes at my own expense. And it wasn’t like I was asking for anything major- it’s not like I said go out and translate Homer. Have a quick chat With someone visiting very far from home who knows five words of English. Totally selfish. totally absorbed in her self. Selfishness and by default sel-importance makes me completely pigeon poooed. I finally had the courage to call her on it and of course she denied the whole thing.

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    1. Whoa…this is so great. What a twist in judgement. If the protagonist here thinks that being self-important is selfish, but this same protagonist sees selflessness as altruistic, the intentional hypocrisy is so typical in life and captured really well here in your writing.

      *high five* for making it over here onto wordpress. Nice work!


  7. The world needs a hero. I need a hero. I keep having these 30 second romances with people I meet and I think of the possibilities and I think of the hope and I think of the future and then nothing happens. I need a hero as superman superwoman to come in and make it right to set the stage help me figure out what to wear or use the right words and make the appropriate cooing noises maybe then the romances will last more than 30 seconds and I’ll actually leave the house


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