2019 Daily Prompt Pledge

As a writer, intent on growing this coming 2019 year, I want to challenge myself to post a writing prompt every single day this year. Along with this prompt, I challenge myself to write a few sentences for each prompt in the year 2019.

Let’s take it a month at a time, shall we?


Welcome to the 2019 Monthly Prompt Pledge

Every single day, the Prompt Master will present a Daily Writing Prompt or DWP.

If you would like to take up the challenge and respond to each prompt, every single day, PLEDGE to complete the entire month of prompts!

Come along with me on this day-by-day, month-by-month journey, and let’s see what’s possible.


How to Participate

Each day a new DWP will be posted.

Use the COMMENTS section under each new post to share your writings with the group!


Other Such Nonsense

FREE to Participate! Simply submit your writing through the Comments.

$15 to PLEDGE

PLEDGES are tracked, read and encouraged by the Prompt Master. When you succeed at responding to each prompt on the day that it’s presented, you will be a Monthly Badass Recipient. Badass Recipients receive ONE FREE Writing Date on Meetup. 

If you would like to PLEDGE, pay via PayPal


through the respective month’s pledge post on Meetup


Prompt Pledge DWPs are posted here at WritingPractitioners.com

while JFS (just for fun) DWPs are presented on Instagram @writingpractitioners